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My journey to residual income!
I had this one posted in the referral section but then I thought about it and decided to make a journey about it instead to keep me focused since I am on a path to build residual income! This might not be your typical pint/twit/tumbl+yt journey but maybe it will help someone out who just wants to make something.

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- 10$ made so far

Postloop is a service provider where you post on peoples forums and blogs and get paid for it. It's a little tedious work but when you have it set up it's pretty much easy going.

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- 1$ made so far

In Slice you listen to other peoples music and write a short review about it and submit it. You dont get paid well but it's something I do as I'm working!

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- 6$ made so far

Sucks to be an european. If you're from US you can make a nice buck from here. A survey site.

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- 1.01$ made so far

This is a really cheesy site but I think I'll try it out. atleast until I can withdraw something out from it. Surveys and cash tasks.

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- 140 Cookies made, none converted yet :/

A game site where you can divert traffic and get paid for games sold...

I work nightshifts so I have plenty of time on my hands to do random stuff. I'm also looking to Odesk and elancer but I'm just starting out so taking it slow Smile

*DISCLAIMER* I've added my ref links and if you do not want to use them just google the name(is that ok?).

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