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My journey as a freelance writer.
My journey begins around 2003 with starting a website to
make some extra money. A made a little bit of money and I mean a little.
Sometimes I made enough to pay the hosting fee, sometimes I wasn't so lucky. I
had no idea on how to attract viewers to my site back then so I began writing
stuff which I enjoyed, mostly hobbies (gaming, brewing beer, movies, tech
stuff, stuff like that).

After a few years of doing the same stuff without much
success, making a little bit of money here and there. I realized I was doing
something I like to do and that was writing. So, I decided that I didn't need a
site to show off my writing, I needed a site to sell my writing services.

So I created a site to sell my writing and went down the
same road of trying to get traffic to my site. That didn't go very well either.
I did get a sale here and there, but it wasn't a steady income that anyone
could actually live off.

I was introduced to writing kindle books in 2011-12 and I
really took to writing them. I would assemble short books from 10-20 articles
that I had written and then slapped a pen name on them and posted it. To my
surprise these little books were selling. I was making 300-400 dollars a month
right from the start. I was finally happy to be making some money online. Not
enough to live on, but better than nothing. I published a lot of books I think more than
200 or so. I still make some money on these books, but they are not very fun to

These books require you writing about some terrible subjects
and a lot are health issues I would rather not talk about or write about. These
type of subjects sell really well on Amazon because people are embarrassed to
ask their doctor I guess. They require some research and then you must take
your time writing good information.

I do have some fun books on Amazon but they normally don't sell
anywhere as good as the problem solving health books.

So once again I have found myself at a crossroads, I want to
write but I want to write more articles than books about a singular subject. So
I have dipped back in to article writing and right now I'm writing for a couple
different websites with the goal of making a full time income as a writer.

I figured I would share some of the experiences that I will
face on this journey as a thanks to the great community here. I will update
this thread as I can. Would love to hear for others that write or want to find
a writing jobs. Good ones can be hard to find.

My next update I'll go into some more things I have found
out as a writer and some of the things to look for in becoming a paid writer.
Thanks for reading!

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