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My journey as Digital Marketing Consultant
hi guys.

i've been a member of this forum for few years but have been holding back due to shiny object syndrome and tragedies that seems to never end. to be honest i don't exactly know what should i do and where should i start to make money. but after reading a few posts and becoming VIP here has helped me to focus on one thing that i can start and familiar with.

my "involvement" in internet marketing started in 2008 during the "Rich Jerk" era when it was actually pretty easy to make money if you really know how. but i was naive and believing everything that came into my email at that time. had i know then what i know now, i'm sure i would be a millionaire already.

in an attempt to make money online i've actually done the opposite and in return, it cost me few years of my life and i was buried in debt eversince. i think after about 2 years trying hard to win with affiliate marketing i eventually had enough with it and started to look for jobs instead.

so fast forward until the day i joined GBH, i am still addicted to downloading stuff i don't need. this was in 2013 where i am taking care of my late father who had liver cancer, my wife was pregnant for our first baby and i'm still burdened with debts.

a month before my daughter was born, i was terminated from my job (too many absence due to hospital visits for my father and wife). my daughter came into this world in december 2013 and 3 days after that my father in law died bcos of lung cancer which no one knows until the day he died.

it was devastating...but there's more...

my wife had a postpartum depression....and almost went to divorce and that almost destroys me since i just managed to get a great job (although i dislike the job actually) with great salary and many other benefits which i thought was great for us.

when we got back together again, we found out that my wife have a cancer and its already in stage 4... again...the hospital became my second home and i lost my job again because of this...and that was 2 months ago... i know i can't commit to any job right now so i become VIP here hoping to see my options and i believe i'm capable of being a consultant...hence i'll be sharing my journey with you and possibly learn more as i go along...

right now, i'm in the phase to select which niche i'm going to dive in first. i actually have 5 days to get at least $1k before being evicted so i'm working my ass off these few days.

i plan to do just web design and SEO. im currently following marketing inc 2.0 as for me, its the most direct approach and quiet easy to follow compared to many i've followed before. i also follow some advice from kopywritingkourse in regards to consulting because it seems fit with me.

i know i don't have much time so the only way to get through this is to get at least 1 client that can afford to pay for my services. its a long shot but its a shot i had to take.

if you have any advice on what would be best i'm willing to hear it. this thread here would be some sort of journey that i think could help someone else in similar situation.

so...thank you so much for reading this long and possibly unnecessary post... i really appreciate it. i'll post for more update as soon as i decide the niche next.

wish me luck guys!

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