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My first ever journey thread-Facebook
So iv decided to do my first ever journey thread and thought id bore yous with how i reached this point.I live in the uk and have 3 kids.I had worked in a S***** low paying cold factory for 13 years before losing my job due to anxiety/panic attacks illness i still have.That was around 18 months ago.Iv been interested in IM for around a year but only actually started taking it serious around 6 months ago.Last month i made my first ever money doing this.By spamming fb groups i made £2100 over the month,i know its not much to alot of people in this game but d*** it felt good to be able to treat the missus and kids again.That method is now dead so now looking ahead in016 and wanna try build something long term.I aint gonna lie,i dont have the money to start anything quick.Im a beginner,i dont know how to use all the tools i see getting posted on here but i love learning.Iv only just learned how to build my first wordpress site over the past few weeks but hey iv got time and enthusiasm on my side.Im not looking to become rich with this plan, if i could be making a regular £500 a week i would be over the moon.So.. my plan is to build wordpress sites and have a matching facebook fan page,pull traffic from there and direct them onto my site.Iv chosen a niche that has plenty of cpa offers and also i can promote amazon products and other things.The other good thing about the niche is its easy to throw in a story to get people debating and keeping them engaged.I know just spamming the page with offers will get me nowhere so im trying to find the balance and make it more of a community and not make it too "salesy".Unfortunately i dont have anything other than a few £ a day to use on fb ads so it will just have to do right now until im up and running or find a quick cash method to invest more into it.Il try update this journey as much as possible to keep me motivated.My stats as i start this journey are:

Facebook page has 81 targeted likes

Wordpress site had 3 visitors yesterday

Money made - £0

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