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My Journey to Success!
I will give you a journey to success, but not in blackhat marketing only if this is not the path to your success but in life.
Th key of hapiness and success is control.
The first thing you have to control is yourself....
The second thing is to create yourself a place where you are safe.
You can also just feel safe there if its sure you can do that for the rest of your life. Every human needs a so called "Bubble".
Third thing will be to get to learn and know your capabilities and borders.
If you can control a house with your family and kids etc.. and it makes you happy and is enough then do it....
If you can control a Village, set your own companies there for security and borders so you can control and decide who goes into your world or not...
If you can buy an island do that... If you can just have a slice of bread than
have it also but be happy with it!
If you give yourself a reason, honour and the right worth you can find the right words, thoughts and actions to change your life to something happier.

So if you want to succeed, dont forget about who you are and what you can, be proud of it, use it and be F****** happy with it!!! Then you are on the right path....

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