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Make Your Own Products [Blackhat]
Hey everyone,

Joshnano here. I have several products I've released that are actually legit, but this tutorial teach you how to make your own products, blackhat style. Let's begin:

1) First and foremost, we're in a F****** goldmine of WSOs and information.
Really. What we'll be doing is to go and pick ANY 2-3 wso you can find here dealing with the same thing(PREFERABLY NO OLDER THAN 1 YEAR)

For example: 2-3 Cpa courses/ 2-3 kindle courses/ 2-3 traffic courses, etc.

2) Once you have those downloaded, you're going to essentially Frankenstein your own WSO using the couple products you have.
You're not copying directly as that would be plagarizing, but you will be rewriting the entire WSO(s) into one cohesive wso.

You can do this with just one WSO course (rewrite entire book and add your little personality flare to it) or you can take a couple courses and meld their content together which looks better anyway because it's more unique.

3) Step 2 will take some time (a few hours) so once you get that done, it's time to get a cover designed.
Head over to myecovermaker and get yourself a snazzy little cover designed for free. It's really simple to use and you'll get the hang of it.

4) Once that's done, the only thing left is the sales copy. Let's talk about that:
So, with this step it's kind of reversed meaning:
If you're rewriting one WSO, this is easy because we can look at their sales letter and literally rewrite what they wrote (different obviously) into our own graphical sales copy format. There are free sales copy templates all over you can download for free.

If you're rewriting several WSOs, this can be a bit harder because you have to take nuggets from each sales copy to encapsulate what your new combine WSO is about.

Payment Proof
This is where this method is really black hat. If you're a pro with photoshop, you can easily craft your own paypal payment pics.

Another easy way to spoof paypal payments is to open up your paypal account and save the page as an html file.
Load it up in any visual html editor so you can see what you're editing.

Make all the edits necessary for it to look like you're banking it from that method (obviously not trillions)

You want to make it look real, and legit. This kind of payment proof method is only used for rewriting a method that shows you they made x amount in x time.

This is also why you don't want to scam people and tell them you can make x amount from a shit product. Obviously you want to feel good about the wso you're making.

5) Pre Prep For Release
Slap a MRR with your new product and package it accordingly (zip file it, upload it to domain, etc)

Make sure your funnels are worked out as needed and everything flows together.

6) Release The Beast

Upload on Warrior Plus (no wso needed)

Upload on JVZoo (Free)

Upload on Clickbank (costs $50 to activate)

You literally just rewrote a couple books into one book. Repackaged and rebranded it so it's original and now you're selling it as an MRR with a $27-$47 price tag. pretty sweet!

Oh and how long did this all take?
-Find Wso(s)...... 15 min
-Rewrite ........... 3-5 hours
-design cover........ 20 min
-design sales copy........ 1-2 hours
-package/prep.......... 1 hour

Rough estimates but you can EASILY crank out ONE product a day. Can you imagine in just 30 days having 30 extra products added to your ever growing empire list!

Essentially because you can just flood JVzoo and CB with your ORIGINAL new products and actually get sales on them.


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