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[METHOD] Make Easy $$$ with Facebook Groups
Hey Guys,

i just have found this one, and startet with some good success. So Here we go:

The basics of this method is this:

1. Join a group
2. Post a message and link to the group

Rinse and repeat on as many groups as possible. This is the simple idea, but I will go into detail. Grab yourself a Facebook account and I will walk you through it step-by-step.


1: Find an offer

Find an offer that pays well. Anything above $5.00 per conversion. Regardless of what offer I push I find my conversion ratios are generally the same so I go with the higher paying offers to squeeze more money out of this. I was doing a sim card offer here in the UK that was paying £6.30. It worked well. You can do some testing with this though.

To start with, just go grab an email submit. Something the user can complete easily. Just so you can see this works.

2: Join some groups

Using Facebook's search facilitates search for some groups to join. Here is the important part. You have to find the "buy and sell" type groups. In the UK (and in the US) there are groups such as "buy and sell scotland", there's loads of them. These groups are great because it's usually full of members who are short on finances and like a bargain. Freebie offers appeal to them. I own 3 buy and sell groups in Scotland that have a lot of members and I've sort of understood my members. Heres some keywords to run with:

buy sell {city}
{city} freebies
{city} freebay

Replace {city} with a city or town.

Join the groups and wait for the admins to accept you. Be careful when joining. Don't rush is because Facebook will block you. I join about 3 groups per minute. I have multiple browsers open and manage multiple accounts. I plan to have someone write some software for me for this at some point when I get paid.

Don't join more than 200 groups. Join 200 per account, leave the account until the morning, and repeat it. By the next day you should have a lot of groups on your accounts.

On the new style FB accounts you can use their new search features and it will automatically show you 'similar' groups so you don't need to keep searching. I generally use 1 account per city because there are that many groups that you can fill up accounts easily.

3: Blocking Admins

Go through all your groups and block he admins. This is a long processes, and it's optional, but I get better results when I do and my posts remain on the groups for days and weeks without being spotted.

WAIT!?!?! Blocking Admins is useless I hear you say. No, it's not. When I move onto Step 4 in a moment I will show you how I post messages and how they are not visible to admins if you've blocked them.

4: Post Message to Groups

Now here is the fun part. First you need a message to post related to your offer to get people to click and convert. I will paste an edited version of my message from the sim card offer I was using:

'hey all just letting all my friends know that 3 mobile are giving away pay monthly sim cards with 1,000 free minutes and free internet. No contract just £20 a month. If anyone wants to check it out click here {LINK}'

... I put no thought into that message. But, even if you posted that it would work - honestly. Facebook users are stupid. There is a character limit, but I am not sure what it is. Facebook will tell you if it's too long.

Now, the link. DO NOT USE A URL SHORTENER! I find it best to use a blogspot blog, and add a HTML redirect to the offer on the blog and then paste the blogspot link in the message. I've never had issues doing this, but I have had problems when using bit.ly and other url shortners. I just go with what works for me.

When you have your message and link all set up, now you can start posting.


Do not post a normal status wall post. Facebook will block you after doing this 4 or 5 times.

The secret is to upload a file to the group and post your message and link when uploading the file. This completely bypasses the ban you would get from posting the to multiple groups in a short space of time. Go to a group and click 'Add File' then select a file (I use an image, it don't really matter what you use). Paste your message and link and post.

You can also post the message as a 'Question' but I find this yields less clicks than posting as a file upload on the groups. Not sure why, but you can do some testing. As I said I just do what works for me.


I post one message every 20 - 30 seconds and go through all of my groups.

And that's all there is too it. It's easy. If you go around the buy and sell groups in the UK you will see a number of people already doing this too. They are doing it because it works. Not many people know about adding a file and posting a message bypasses getting blocked. Not many people know about the admin blocking either. So, there's some good tips there.

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