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[METHOD] [GET] Thousands upon Thousands of Royalty Free Music Tracks and Loops
What's up guys,

Gonna make this short and sweet: In this thread, you'll learn how to download any genre of music, from loops, to clips, to full tracks - all completely royalty free (ie. use them in any videos/audios/etc without worry).

Before I get into it, a couple rules:

1. This stays in the VIP forum. This exploit can be easily patched up, and that'd ruin this for everyone. Don't be a d****, don't share outta here.
2. If you get any use outta this post, hit that rep +.
3. If you have any issues/questions/concerns - don't PM me. Post it here, and someone (myself, or anyone else) will be happy to help you out.
4. If you're going to be using these commercially, then you'd best shell out the couple bucks for the track you want, to avoid issues.

Ok. That all said, follow the steps below, and enjoy your free, royalty free, music.

Downloading free "royalty free" music:
Step 1: <tag>Magic Button : </tag>Step 2: <tag>Magic Button : </tag>Step 3: <tag>Magic Button : </tag>Step 4: <tag>Magic Button : </tag>Step 5: <tag>Magic Button : </tag>Step 6: <tag>Magic Button : </tag>

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