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Lets 'HACK' zippyshare : Please Join Us and BOYCOTT Zippyshare ◄◄◄
i was one of the biggest fans and users of zippyshare, i even recommended it as my mirror of choice, many times, here and i even used it on social media to share my files... NO MORE!
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they are ACCEPTING advertising from criminals who are actually hurting noobs, and even some people here, who do not know how to close the virus pop-ups...

THEY ACCEPT THE MONEY FROM THESE CRIMINALS AND SCAMMERS, only fractions of a penny each, and these scumbags are living like kings in their third world country

i want to show you how to 'hack' them, and i want them to know it, if we collectively stop using zippyshare, they will lose THOUSANDS of dollars... all internet businesses rely on visitors to keep them afloat, if we stop using their site, their traffic will drop and they will lose much more than they are gaining from these criminals, WE are their source of money, WE make their website possible! online and offline, i am recommending EVERYONE stop using zippyshare, UNTIL they wake up and value us more then the pennies they are paid by these criminals

I AM NO LONGER GOING TO REFER PEOPLE TO THEM, so they do not have to deal with that SH*T, do not get me wrong, i can handle anything they throw at me, but most people can't, i got a pm from a friend here, who now has a virus on his computer, and he DID NOT click on any pop-up, nothing, he is not a noob either... just think of all the old folks and some of the kids who do not know better, zippyshare does not need advertisers like that, THEY NEED US, they are actually making a lot of money, those scammers only account for less then a FRACTION OF ONE PERCENT of their earnings, like i said, it is only pennies... there are people here who actually pay them, i almost used them years ago for advertising, but back then, they charged more money than they do now

if only half of you stopped sharing with zippyshare, and asked your mailing lists, not to use zippyshare either, THAT WILL 'HACK' THEIR BOTTOM LINE! they are too greedy now, they sent me some bs emails about them not knowing, those are just lies, i checked some of the real dark web websites, and i can tell you BEYOND ANY shadow of doubt, zippyshare is a willing accomplice in this fraud, enough is enough, BOYCOTT ZIPPYSHARE! if zippyshare goes out of business, so be it! they deserve as much for accepting money from criminals, do not worry, other websites will pop up to take their place!

lmao = get it? pop up? [Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif]

p.s. just to be clear, i am NOT against pop -ups, pop ups are the cost of using their site, i am against STUPID F*CKING pop-ups that freeze your browser or automatically start download stuff onto your computer without your permission, are you o.k. with that? there is NO need for that! PERIOD! they have plenty of advertisers! they do not need that kind of trash! do you? it is not worth it to me, to use their site or services and we can make it not worthwhile for zippyshare either! we can do this, it has happened before, time to do it again!

since they refuse to listen, this boycott WILL work! as long as you help me

i will even go as far as contact all of the zippyshare advertisers, and explain to them why i am boycotting them, and why i am asking EVERYONE TO JOIN ME,

i do not belong to other blackhat sites, not anymore, why? this is the best! lol...
but if you do, i ask that you post a thread there... PLEASE help

lets make zippyshare better, who could disagree with that?

watch how fast they will listen! when we all act TOGETHER! spread the word, BOYCOTT ZIPPYSHARE!

for those who do not know, THIS is a monetization method, and it is a GREAT hack! join me!

hey zippyshare, this is just PHASE ONE!


tell zippyshare what you think below VVV

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