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Learn How To Create Unlimited Amounts Of USA Bank Accounts - Works To Verify Paypal!!
Learn How To Create Unlimited Amounts Of USA Bank Accounts - Works To Verify Paypal!!

My first share as Elite VIP

Just a few months ago I was on the search to find a way to verify my new Paypal account w/o driving a few towns over to a bank I don't have an account at. (I've got like 4 banks already) I really didnt want to do this So i went crazy searching and ripping sites apart till i found a working ebook that promises to help you create USA bank accounts even if your not from the USA.

I will warn you, the very first time i used this it DID not work.
But with my second attempt it worked fine. i just changed one step.

The site were going to use in the ebook has been updated and the layout is not the same anymore.. But it's still very easy to follow. (images provided in the ebook are outdated)

The step i had to change was on PAGE # 11
It tells you to use netspend, I tried this the first time and it didn't work..
Instead of using this i simply transferred the $25.00 fee from one of my other bank accounts.
You can do this as well, or simply buy a cheap vcc and use it.

For those of you that are going to say "why bother, when we can just buy a vcc and verify paypal"
because this will allow you to take the money out of your account w/o any problem and when you use this bank paypal will verify your account instantly! No waiting a few days for the transfer to happen. Paypal works with this bank and your account will be verified instantly.

here is the download link:

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This method works, I have used it myself for my current paypal account.

fuck all link dead.............
can you re upload link pls ???
lemme take a look at this method

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