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Hello everybody,
i notice that the majority of people in this forum is nice and correct.So i start thinking about what we can do togheter to make money.What about f.ex join some MLM togheter and then share the commissions?Or make a group and click on the ads one of the other?
We can ask to ADMIN to make a section organized like GB's for threats about programs to do together and every one of us can choose the one who looks bette for him or where he feels confortable with the praxis and rules.i will personally join all the chances to make money also if is a question to invest something to get more and more.Let's for example od a site together where we sell digital products and let's send there PPC with common funds it will be a mountain of clicks on it and i am sure a lot of sales or commissions to share.If all of us we will be honest it will work like a charm.I will be interested in hear from you all what is your opinion about the idea but LET'S DO SOMETHING TOGHETER TO EXPLOIT THE NICE THAT THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE CAN DO IN A LOT OF US.
Please exscuse my english is not my first language but i am sure that what i am saying is clear.

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