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Keyword Spinner V1 (Public) - Create keyword targeted articles
thank you for this share
Thank you for your work!
Thanks for sharing, still finding this one.
(11-11-2016, 11:04 AM)hacxx Wrote:
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Keyword Spinner V1 is a program to generate artificial articles with a user selected keyword.

Designed to be used in blogs, etc. This saves time instead of writing the articles yourself. A user just open the program, write the intended keyword and click on Generate. A ready to use article will be available to copy/paste in seconds. The program is written and uses generic terms that can be applied to any keyword. This is usefull to target a specific keyword to your site.

Keyword Spinner V1 (Public) only comes with one article that may used with diferent keywords. The private version comes with more than 50 articles variations and more will be added in further releases. So grab your copy now at [email protected]


Thanks for sharing

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