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[Journey] The Power of Resolve
Hello People

Today is my 5th day in my 30 Day Challenge ..

What is this all about ?

I am challenging myself for a 30 day Straight to see how much a man can be

productive if he devotes himself to an ideal ..

To Go straight to the main point : i am starting a work revolution in my country

Can you believe that the average person here earns 150$ Per month while working for 12 hours straight like a machine ?

It saddens me that i am from a poor country , when i was 17 i started making money online people but people laughed at me and thought that i was crazy they mocked me , and judged me because i told them that i make money from home .. they told me that they never saw someone succeed just sitting on his ass online and they criticized me so much .. But i am going to proof for them

How fearful the Next Generation of Marketing Can be ..

I am going to be a super hero , no wait i wont wear a costume and going down to street and kill some thugs .. There are so many definitions for a super hero ,

But i will proof to everyone that you can change the world because you are a part of this world ..

i will help all unemployed young people to make a living online and become
more famous and powerful than the Normal employed person

I am not looking to make money as much as i want to see this alive .. it will make me happy ..

If you think that my idea worth fighting for Show me some Reps

and i will talk more about the strategy i am going to use ..


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