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[Journey] Pinterest + adsense = hopefully money
Hey guys!

What's up?

I love this board and tho there is another adsense + pinterest journey here, this will be another one. A bit more white hat. I won't be using any tools and will only be using 1 acc, getting followers and joining boards daily. I have a website in the food/recipe niche, i hope to get some authority behind it, as it's not meant as a short term plan but more of long term, so no blackhat methods will be used.

I'd like to start this thread as sort of discussion, to hear your opinions on what's good and whats not, with arguments. So we can all gain from this and learn together. I'm far far from being good at marketing, basicly this forum is awesome all you have to do is read and learn and try. So i've done this and i like adsense because you can quickly see the cash. Granted it's not much right now but hopefully this will grow.

So right now i have a profile with 1320 followers, and about 50 food community boards totaling about 700k food lovers. Also I have a board of my own, currently with 1200 followers. Aside from pinterest i'm doing keyword research and will write (am writing) articles to rank under certain keys because i want a constant traffic. Later on i'll be adding affiliate offers for various kitchen tools, cookbooks etc, but don't wanna do it right now because i want a constant flow of visitors which i'm not getting atm.

So your thoughts on the matter? Do you think it's worth writing articles and try to rank in google or would you focus just on pitnerest? Because the CPC is d*** low atm, but that's probably due the page being new and i get low paying adds. I assume if i rank under a keyword with high cpc, i'll get bigger CPC. Correct me if i'm wrong, like i said, i'm in this to learn as well Smile

If you have any questions, remarks, suggestions, please write them down and let's make some $

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