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[Journey] My Real First ClickBank Journey
So after a good time being a newbie in IM, I decided to start my own adventure with CB but with this time... for real.

I got a small budget (approx. $200), I've built my website with a kind of SILO Structure on WP. The site has 5 pages and 18 posts in total.

From 5 pages, 1 is my product review and the 4 are content, which are support by their respective posts, ex:

Page 1 (shoes)

Post 1 - Page1 = Shoes for x1
Post 2 - Page 1 = Shoes for x2

This is the structure that my pages and posts follow.

My articles are in average 600+ words, and are optimized with SeoPress.

I know that it's all about keywords, I've gotten very nice kws and here is one of them (not the kw itself, but its metrics lol)

[Image: sLHnOmD.png]

And I'm following a interlinking structure that is pretty similar to the one used my SILO websites but a bit different as it's a niche website and doesn't need of siloing pretty much.

My url structure is like this: ex: domain.com/tables/best-tables-for-small-room (It's only an example haha)

Every post has min. 1 image and up to 5-6 (it's the case for lists).

It's all about my ON-PAGE Seo

And my biggest problem is... Off-page SEO

Recently I bought a backlink for my review page from a very big website with awesome metrics, but it's NF. Also I bought for it some social signals.

I have the content on my site and now I want to start backlinking but my biggest questions so far now are:

Should I build the backlinks to my homepage or pages/posts?

Do I need buffers for my tier 1 backlinks? Because the backlinks I buy are already very high quality.


Now, my goal for this website is the following:

I want to make at least 1 sale every 2-3 days in the next 4 months. And at least 1 sale/day in the next 6 months.

All the money I earn from this will be used as a re-investment in the website.

Wondering about the product I'm promoting? It's a great product created by a friend of mine so there are no problems for that.

I'm posting this here because I'll stick with this project as it's my first real serious project, I've already invested money on it and I want it to be a success!

All the advices are very welcome!

I will update this thread when something interesting happens.

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