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[Journey] Make money with g2a goldmine
Hi, I'm a full time marketer for 2 years now and make most of my money through lead generation in the german financial nice. I would like to start a little fun project to keep me entertained and maybe make some money in the meantime. I already started to promote g2a a month ago and generated over 800 level 1 members but only made like 130€ from that.

I'm not sure if the program is worth a lot of effort as the payouts are very low but I will try it for a few month with minimal effort and see if I can hit a few big guys which will make me money.

For everybody who doesn't know g2a goldmine:

You must post to unlock this link
You must post to unlock this link

g2a.com is a shop and also marketplace for game keys and is offers an affiliate program called "goldmine" which you can find under the link above. You can generate a reflink under "my profile" and everytime a user clicks in the link it will set a cookie. If the user will sign-up with your cookie set you will earn for every purchase he will make on g2a.com shop or marketplace. The duration of the cookie is 2 years so a very long time. That means the user who clicked your link doesn't need to sign up right away to get signed-up under you but will be under you also if he signs up in the next 2 years. That's a very good cookie duration as amazons cookie for example has only a duration of 24 hours.

The negative part is the amount of the comission you will get paid for every purchase as it is very low. Most of the commissions I got are like 15 cent or so per purchase so you need a big downline.

I will post my progress here at least once or week.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=964]

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