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[Journey] Adesene with Blog - Daily $20 Goal
Hi VIP members,

This is my first Success story in VIP Thread. I am writing this tread for 2 reasons. One I want to track my journey for further reference and second is to say only one thing to all of IM warriors, any one can make money online if you work consistently. Ok, lets get into details.

I am trying to earn money online for last 2 years and succeed few time from sites like student of fortune. But after some time that site got discontinued and so I lost my earning source and then I decided to earn money from online. So I read many threads on GBH and finally decided to start with adsense.

So I started a blog in December last year and started updating it with some articles(20 to be exact). At the end of December I earned very few cents and I was so disappointed and so i update with very few article(5) in January. At the end of January I have got $1.5 totally in my adsense account. But some strange thing happens in Feb and I am steadily getting around $0.4 each day. So I once again got inspire and started to update my blog with articles. I decided to write at least 10 article in Feb and I did it. So it gave me good results and I got $17.99 from Feb alone.
[Image: 13118322304_01f1362ec4_m.jpg]

And I again started to update it with more articles and started to build backlinks. Can you guess how much I earned in March month till now??? $63.97 Yes its true. You can see it below
[Image: 13118167173_aa0298a96b_m.jpg]

For Past 2 days consistently I am earning more than $10 and below You can Check those details.
Day before yesterday earnings.
[Image: 13118403324_a0a1882948_b.jpg]

Yesterday earnings

[Image: 13118425224_e390ce3884_b.jpg]

This is my story and All I can say is stick with one method and try It for long time. You will definitely see success in it. I will try to update this thread frequently. All the best for your Success.

Now I am trying to maintain this $10 per day earnings and waiting for $20 a day earnings.

PS: If you doubt how I got my adsense account, I bought it [Image: cool.gif]online.

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