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[Journey] $100 per day from Pinterest with AlexW
I know journey thread is something that GBH members never do but someone has to start so others will start [Image: smile.gif]

So what i m doing,

I will try to do this with $0 investment. I will only invest my time and efforts.

1. Will make 25 Pinterest accounts
2. 25 free blogs on tumblr
3. No Proxy as i have dynamic IP
4. No monetization till i have 500 followers on each account (will take a week as from my previous experience)
5. No bot only imacros to follow and unfollow (dont want to depend on others to update the bot)
6. Each accounts will have only 10 boards. 1 board per niche.

Completed Tasks
1. Created 25 accounts on pinterest and 10 tumblr accounts (I always hate this step lot of manual work)
2. Was creating imacros but i have other project also so cant keep imacros running all time so creating a simple socket bot as quick as possible

[Image: image.png]

1. Follow Bot is complete and working properly with pinterest updates
2. Added 10 pins in each board in 10 account. So these 10 accounts now have 100 pins each.
3. Started following users using bot. I m trying little new thing. As i have 10 boards in each account on 10 different niche, i m gathering 200 users to follow so its like following 20 users for each niche (10 niche * 20 Users = 200 Users to follow). This is something i m trying so that my accounts will not look spammy. Bcoz i m following users from multiple niche. Hope you all are understanding this. I m trying my best to explain [Image: blush.gif]
Suggetions always welcome. [Image: smile.gif]

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