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[Journey] $100.00 A Day Via Adult (NEW DIRECTION)

Hey Guys, I am settled into a new home and have a really good high speed internet connection. The few days I was offline gave me time to think things over. I have been spreading myself too thin and still not focused enough. So I am going to focus my goal of earning 100 a day via the adult niche. In all honesty I believe it to be the easiest route to my goal. I am only going to focus on pay per leads and pay per sales. I will no longer include Amazon or Plugrush earnings in my daily updates. I will primarily be using Crak Revenue and See My Bucks for monetization. I think this is going to be achievable and easier to follow along for you guys.

As of right now I am going to focus on creating feeder blogs into my main money sites. I will of course continue to use facebook, redditt, tumblr, etc. However, I plan to get much more aggressive with my marketing.



Date Of Arrival

I have pushed back my date a few days since I was in the process of a move. I WILL meet this goal by August 13th!

Hey Guys,

Me and my family have been through a lot over the last few months and it put a lot into perspective. I have decided to put my plans and action into print to make myself more accountable, and maybe help some others a long the way. I make some money on a monthly basis from Amazon, Plugrush and CPA. However it is simply not enough. A couple of months ago we lost everything in a fire and it left us screwed. I promised myself that we would never be in that situation again.

My Goals
100.00 A Day - Simple and I believe very achievable.

Three Ways Of Getting To That Goal

1) One Amazon Review Site Per Week.

2) Creating a information product.

3) Further and better monetization of the adult sites I already own. (Working with Runboxxx on this one)

I will document what I am doing on a daily basis as well as how much I earn on a daily basis here. I am going to give myself an ultimatum of how long I should give myself to reach this goal. I am going to post a poll with 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or 120 days. Personally, I feel 60 days is the best, but I want your input as well. Thanks guys for your help, if you have any questions let me know.

I'd also appreciate any tips or advice on getting to this goal.

Watch for my next post tomorrow.


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