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[JOURNEY] Product Creation and Selling
Hello fellow blackhatters!

I am Ty, just 20 years old this year. I am very new here and I am trying to make some money online. My goal is to make $3000 from this endeavor this month and I will work very hard for it until I achieve this.

After reading several many resources here, I decided to write and launch my own product on content arbitrage at $11. It will be a very high quality one. I will be writing my journey here in detail and and I will be experimenting with a variety of ways to market my product to achieve the best results. I will highly welcome any suggestions and improvements for my approaches.

The day before yesterday, I wrote my own sales copy and paid $40 to launch my WSO through WSO Plus. I was giving out several review copies and accepting affiliates and answering questions.

Just yesterday, I received 4 sales. Not spectacular results, but it makes me so happy because I know that my WSO is selling. Today, my thread fell off the first page and I decided to bump my post. And I am receiving another 4 sales so far!

I am thinking of building a sales page on a website or direct linking for my Facebook ads. Following some of the methods of Brittany Lynch, I will be using Social Leads Freak to scrape the comments of Internet marketers and putting up ads on a low budget. I will see it goes and I will keep updating every day. Smile

Anyway, for anyone who wants my WSO, just PM me and I will give it to you for free. Smile

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