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[JOURNEY] Becoming a 1 hour affiliate by Erica Stone.
Hello everyone, it's been two years since i joined this forum. It was fun watching it grow as an amazing community and making friends. I am so addicted to this place that i don't even use facebook anymore. I am just here online all the time. I never really intended to make money through this forum and frankly whatever stuff i participated in, i just left that because i wasn't serious.

But it's time to think about the future now. I am a newbie game developer and i am pretty serious in establishing my game studio. But i haven't worked on anything to have a base investment? Therefore i have shifted my focus towards making small niche sites that would bring a continuous income stream even if they are left after some time (a year or after). This income would be my base investment to establish my game studio (registering trademark, office and employees) and i have already thought of the name and the logo is ready.

A few days back Erica stone's this product was shared.
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This is about setting blogger blogs with amazon affiliate links to earn small income. It also has a seo template to be used in blogger and for wordpress as well so whichever you find suitable you can follow.

I am following the blogger setup since i am comfortable with google blogger interface and have been using it since 2008.

I have done my keyword research and found a somewhat profitable niche which i think should work. I never really had any experience with keyword research and that's why my whole week was spent learning longtail pro, amasuite, keywordxtreme. All cracked stuff from here Smile

After find the keyword and competitors rankings. I setup my blog, make the necessary changes as instructed in the course and now going to make my first post. The PotPieGirl review was somewhat unprofessional but it something be kept in mind when making blogger blogs.

This course is about making blogs and become affiliate in 1 hour but as a newbie if you can setup a new blog everyday. I think it would be a great journey.

What i need from you guys right now are the post ideas. Any recommendations for posts? to start posting non-affiliate articles. I just need 2 - 3 ideas to write so i could schedule them and then work on a review post. I hope you guys work with me on this journey. Maybe newbies can learn and pros can guide us? Hope to update the thread with more stuff tomorrow.

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