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[IDEA] Adsense earnings From Facebook with high CPC sites
Hi, to all i wake up with an idea which i want to share with all of you.

I have read a dozen of adsense ebooks about niches , how to make money auto pilot bla bla..But what actually works?

Really there are many good stuff and many many more rubish - anchient techniques to make money ( and eventually gets your site banned). So i'm thinking a keep it simple (greyhat) way.

So my main idea is: What about to create a closed group in FB and click each others links and ads. Personally i dont have problem to visit 100 sites and click the High cpc ads it will take me 40-60 mins but let do the math.

If a site have a cpc 2 usd and 100 persons clicks their ads..It will generate a revenue 200 usd per day so if this runs only 20 days we all gonna have 4000 usd with 60 mins of work just for 20 days.

What are you thinking about this idea?

I don't know if there is a system like this before or it contains some dangers but i'm thinking that is a nice way for all to earn money.

Thanks all for your time.Glad to hear about your thoughts.
Wow, I want Join Smile

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