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I need your Help to monetize my WebSite !!!
Dear fellow GBH Members,

I urgently need your help to monetize my Website.

I Tried the Following:

1) I tried to get adsense approval but failed, I purchased a adsense account and got banned.
2) 1 CPA offer for hostgator and godaddy, Maid nothing.
3) Place ad space rental on site, with No success
Traffic Details:
Avg Page Views per day: 27,000 Visits
Avg Unique Page Views per day: 15,000 Visits
Avg Page Views: 2.7
Traffic is 90% organic and 10% direct. 80% of the traffic coming from Google.
Traffic is global with the second most visits from USA after India

I am currently very frustrated because of the great traffic and I created the website for Adsense but got screwed by Google.

I would greatly appreciate any help or ideas that you may give me to help me make money with this site.

Thank You for your time, fellow members.

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