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I have cracked xgrambot, what should I do with it?
As the title said I have cracked xgrambot. Meltdown,
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gave me the setup files which was awesome of him.

What should I do with it.

Should I just post it watch the first cracked copy of xgrambot be leeched to sites like 0mmo, which I have noticed that my vip only cracks have shown up there recently.

Should I put some kind of protection on it, but what? I am not used to protecting apps, I am used to unprotecting apps.

I want to hear what admin and the rest of my fellow vip's think I should do with it.

This is the first known crack of it and I want to keep it our secret.

Let me know what you guys think, I am open to suggestions. I will have it posted in the next day or two either way.
nicely done, mate.
nicely done mate

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