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I have an Open Chequebook - Which SEO Tools to Buy
Hi guys,

Well, after sitting around on here for a few yrs, i've finally teamed up with a d*** good business partner.
They've recently suggested that i help them move their business into another direction offering SEO services to local and national businesses.
The good news is, they've pretty much said i can get whatever tools i need to do the job (i.e.- open chequebook!).

As well as for local SEO, i'll also be trying to use those tools to help bring in bucks from affiliate marketing.

I've got hooked recently on Holly Cooper's course.
Obviously the tools i get i'll see what can be shared/nulled here for the team but ideally i'm looking for a list of what people think are the best tools to help me success with affiliate marketing and also local/national SEO.

E.g.- things like:
  • SENuke
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • FCS
  • GSA Captcha Breaker
  • Any video spinner/blaster, etc

Ultimately, the world is the oyster because as i said, it's an open chequebook to get whatever i need to achieve results.

Any suggestions guys.

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