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I am 18 Hours/Day Online .. see what I am doing !
I think you would find it kinda strange that someone is online 18 hours aday and Doing "Nothing" But Reading Ebooks and methods That makes him "Zero" Income ! That Someone is me ! LOL

I have been looking for a good method to work with for over a year but actually never found that Magical Method ! I almost Know everything but my problem is that i never took action Sad

Sometimes when i discuss a method with someone and i really get interested in it, i try to take action but something stop me like the fact that I'm not american so i can't use Paypal / Ebay / Promotions ,...etc that really makes me sick !

Sad Thing Really !

So what I hope now is to find Someone to tell me what to follow or What to Do Just to make a Living out of my time !

Hope to find that "someone" in GBH VIP !

"Any Advice Would be appreciated"

Thanks !

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