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How to Make $100k in 2 Months
We already have a ton of WSOs on how to create WSOs why the hell do we need a thread?

To be honest, many of the WSOs tend to leave out some crucial elements to truly make a successful WSO.
Not only that, the WSO environment is changing drastically each day.
I created this thread to answer some questions and guide people to the light (lol) [Image: cool.gif]

Why Create a WSO?
As far as I know, its THE easiest way to earn money online in the shortest time possible.
The WarriorForum is packed full of rabid buyers who'll eat up anything you throw at them.
Seriously, its like a haven for anyone who wants to break into the MMO niche.

So here's my 5-Step Formula to Creating a 4 Figure WSO:
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
That's basically what I do. Obviously its grossly oversimplified but that's really the whole process.
Takes me approximately around 4 days to make a WSO, sometimes even less than a day.

BUT before you even start making a WSO, you actually fail before you begin, its true. Do you even know what's your biggest problem in making money online?

Its your f*cking brain.

Yeah, that's right. MINDSET.

A LOT of people are struggling with mindset.

Your brain literally LIES to you.

"Am I good enough?"
"Why would people listen to me?"
"Will people pay for my skills and knowledge?"

"I'm not really good with computers."
"Too many bright shiny objects."
"Information Overload"
"I don't talk Engrish very well."
"I tried and failed. Making Money Online is a SCAM."


It's a vicious cycle of frustration and discouragement.

And you can't escape it.

but here's the REALITY.

Everyone suffers from mindset. Even the millionaires.

Regardless of the amount of success you reach - the mind
wiggles it's way in and tries to tell you some big fat lies.

Often times our minds will literally work against us.

[Image: wdWGDt1.jpg]

But here's how to combat your pesky little brain.


When was the last time you've been so motivated to do something?

Most likely when you were desperate.

In my case, I had to work my ass off because I didn't have money nor food for the next day.

Action before thought.

Stop letting your brain defeat you.

Your brain is part of you. But it's not the one in control.

Mindset is an interesting thing. It definitely can be a HUGE
roadblock for entrepreneurs. But it can be defeated.

It will always be there but you just have to learn to live with it.

So what does make a WSO truly successful?

But don't worry. All you need is inspiration to jumpstart that mindset.

Inspiration comes in any form. My inspiration came from a certain thread in BHT.
I've copied an pasted it here for you to read:<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
I hope this will inspire you as well and I wish you success in your WSO launch! [Image: wink.gif]

Peace Out [Image: cool.gif]

P.S: If you have questions to ask, just post it here and I will reply asap. Don't PM me as I will ignore it. Besides, we're all here to help each other out, right? [Image: wink.gif]

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