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[Help Advice] Amazon and eBay listing
When i join this forum i was dreaming like anyone here of making $1000 a week not only a month and did what i have to do buy a domain name a hosting using the WordPress and earn nothing i said maybe its the niche i changed my niche a lot try to learn SEO did a lot but never focus
until someone here advice someone else with Odesk so i made an account and put $10/hr I can see your smile and say what this wrong [Image: madslap.gif]
i know so i decided to focus on Odesk to know whats wrong til i down my rate to $1/hr and accept a job with 0.50c hour rate
Now after 3 years i have a profile with 5 star feedback 100% Job Success and over 4000 worked hours
Now i need your help i want to become an expert in Amazon and eBay listing and inventory management i don't want to you to cook the fish for me just show me how i can catch it

What i the best courses/software to learn listing on amazon and eBay
how to become an inventory manger
What is the best platform to learn e-commerce after Amazon and eBay

I will update this thread to make it a live to make anyone want to become expert on amazon or eBay to see it

A spacial Thanks to
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because your thread in the beginning of this year

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