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I LOVE THIS SITE, ALWAYS HAVE, SHARED MANY, MANY ITEMS, SOME I PURCHASED, SOME I HACKED AND OTHERS I CRACKED! AND HUNDREDS OF BSO'S. NO BRAG, JUST FACT! LATELY IT HAS BEEN GETTING WORSE, JUST A FEW YEARS BACK IT WAS A BETTER PLACE. oops, sorry about the caps... got a ANOTHER spam pm from a worthless lowlife noob, been here from 2013... remember the good old days??? wow, how times change.... this spammer leech decided he will scam people here, so he is spamming people to join his group break... been here since 2013 and only a +rep of 10!!!! his group break, he started yesterday, is for product that was ALREADY SHARED HERE 2 WEEKS AGO! please read that again, so you understand!!!! people used to get banned for less! i miss the good old days! fine, do not ban the scum, but how about removing his vip status? he is clearly NOT deserving! he knows the rules, he broke the rules! he downloaded a share from here and now wants to sell it back to us! if that is not disrespectful, nothing is!

question: what would you do to the scamming spammer? please answer below

i have made my opinions clear in several posts already, what say you?

how would YOU make the GBH a better place? let your voices be heard! your idea may make a difference

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