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Found this method on another forum. Thought that my GBH family may like it Smile

The Method

Alright guys, I'm going to be teaching you step by step how I made $2.3k, on autopilot, in around a month. I know a lot of you want to make money online, but aren't. You aren't making any money because you AREN'T TAKING ACTION. I want you to take this method, and just go and do it, seriously. It's as simple as taking action.First off, I'm going to let you know now that this is going to require an investment. I strongly advise you to at least take the time to read the whole thing, because it WILL make sense at the end, and you should understand the potential of this. At the beginning I'm going to advise you to start small, so you'll need about $80, and I'm sure this is where most of you will quit. You need to understand that to make money you need to spend money. If you don't have it just go eWhore or something and reinvest the money into this. If you're not willing to drop $80 into something like this then you don't even deserve the money to be quite honest. I am handing you, for free, a method that WILL earn you money. There is no doubt about it. As long as you follow my instructions you'll earn. I've woken up to $70+ earned before and there is no better feeling knowing that you made more than some dude working a night shift at a McDonald's WHILE SLEEPING. I'm only 17 so this beats a minimum wage job. Just know that if you actually apply yourself, you will succeed in doing this. I'm just a dumbass kid who plays video games too much, and if I can do it, then you can as well. Alright, I'm just going to get into it now.

Where's the money coming from?

The money is coming from,"CPI", which stands for Cost Per Install. I'm going to link the network that is going to pay you at the very bottom of the section with the rest of the tools. So basically, for every mobile app you get a user to install, you get paid on average somewhere between $.15-$.50 cents.

How are we going to get Installs?

We're going to be using the app Instagram. Instagram's user base is entirely mobile so that's why we are going to be using it for mobile CPI. You won't actually have to interact with the app whatsoever because you will be putting all of the Instagram accounts into a bot.

Ok, How do I use Instagram for traffic?

You're going to chose a "niche" that you want to target. Some popular ones are free followers, clash of clans, free phone giveaway, etc. What you're going to do next is set up a profile on Instagram, that revolves around your chosen niche. For example, if you chose free followers, then you would set the profile picture to something about followers and make the username "freefollowers_now_93".You're then going to be placing a "call to action" in your bio that tells the user to click on the link below to get *whatever you're offering*. The link is going to lead to your landing page. The landing page is what you are going to link in your bio. It's the page where they go to claim whatever you are offering, and then they get prompted to install the app while they are on that page. I HIGHLY recommend not using any of the niches I listed above. They are all very saturated. I STRONGLY advise you to use one of the landing pages I'm providing below.

Here's an example profile of what you'll be creating:
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Ok, so how do I put all of this together?

The whole idea behind this method is SCALE. Scaling this up is EXTREMELY SIMPLE. Here's an example: When I first started I was using only 1 account that would follow 350-400 people a day. This 1 account would make me roughly $1.00-$1.20 every day, right? So now imagine making 100 accounts, loading them into your bot, putting redirect links back to the same landing page where they get prompted to install the app,and letting the bot follow 35k-45k unique users a day. You would be making between $100-$120 a day. It's that F****** simple. You're not going to be making that much right away, because I'm sure you'd prefer to start with something like 10 accounts. It would be much cheaper and you can just reinvest the money back into adding more accounts. Now that you understand exactly what we are going to do, I'm going to provide you with the resources you need to make this happen.


A Bot

You're going to need a bot that runs the accounts to make this method autopilot. This is the first part of your investment. You have two choices. You can either go for FollowLiker(what I went with right away) which costs $100 and it's a one time fee. The other is MassPlanner which costs $17 a month. If you don't have a lot of money then I guess you would probably prefer to purchase mass planner first and then reinvest the money you earned back into FollowLiker. Mass Planner will be perfectly fine for your needs on a smaller scale, however, once you start to earn your money back, I'd advise you to purchase FollowLiker. I'll link both bots at the bottom.


You can use this to run the bot. If you don't know, a VPS is basically a windows computer that you can remotely connect to. This allows you to leave the bot online 24/7. This step isn't necessary if you want to leave your computer on for 24/7. You can get Amazon VPS for free for 1 year.

I currently use a 4GB VPS and it can run 100 accounts perfectly fine. I'll link multiple providers at the bottom.

Private Proxies

This step is crucial. You need private proxies in order to run all of the accounts. If you don't get proxies, or try to use public ones your accounts WILL BE BANNED, You can run 3 Instagram accounts per proxy. When you're setting up the accounts in your bot, there will be a place to set the proxy you wish to use. The proxies I use are "Semi-private" They only work this way because each person on the proxy can only access one domain. This makes it so that no one else can get on Instagram.com, but you. I'll link the proxy provider at the bottom. Remember 3 ACCOUNTS PER PROXY.


You're going to need to buy premade accounts that are phone verified. You can buy the accounts from. You are looking to buy "Instagram PVAs".The buyaccs option is cheaper, but you need to submit some ticket thing first before they let you purchase from this which is basically just you agreeing to some terms of service. They also have autobuy which is a plus. If you go with 247accs it costs more and he takes some time to deliver them. I'm going to link them both at the bottom.

Web Hosting and a Domain

The hosting and domain are very cheap. This is how you are going to put up the landing page that I provide for you. All of the people are going to go to this link and download the apps. Make sure to go check out the landing pages at the bottom of the thread and use one of them for the best results!

Free DOT.TK Domains

I make a new domain for each account. When registering the domain you can choose to have it redirect to your domain(the one where you landing page is). You can't put the same link in all of the bios. If you use these Instagram can't tell that they are all redirecting back to the same page. You're basically going to just make a bunch of redirect links and put a unique one in each account bio. These are 100% free and all redirect back to your main landing page.


1.The network that will be paying you
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non REF Link
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2.MassPlanner - $17/mo
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- $25/mo(buy the 4gb $15 a month and don't forget the HIGH RAM DDON)
5.Private Proxies $19/mo on
You must post to unlock this link
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6.Webhosting $9.88/yr
7.Domain(you're buying from the same place above just buy a .xyz domain for .88 cents/yr)
You must post to unlock this link
(looking for "Instagram USA PVA")
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(looking for "Instagram USA PVA")


Setup your bot on your PC or VPS.
Setup accounts with username,picture, bio that tells them to click the link, and of course add the link to the website section.
Make sure to only use 3 accounts on each proxy you have
Run the bot, AND PROFIT!


The $80 investment will allow you to run 10 accounts. Each account is $0.70 cents. If you have more cash you can start out larger like I did. Once you start making this back reinvest it into more accounts. Like I said previously, it's all about scale. This isn't going to be easy at first. It's going to be tedious and annoying to get all of the accounts setup, but it's worth it. As long as you try your ass off then you're going to earn a lot of money. Also, you're going to face frequent account bans. This won't be a setup once and done type thing. Instagram is very strict against these accounts. You're going to have to somewhat frequently replace your proxies and accounts when they get banned. It shouldn't be a problem though once you get the ball rolling because you can just reinvest the money you initially earned right back into accounts. Not all of your accounts get banned at once as well. So at no point you should completely stop earning. It's up to you when you decide to start adding more accounts back.

Unsaturated Landing Pages

I'm going to be releasing 4 custom coded, unsaturated, high converting landing pages for you guys to use with the method above. Instagram is a mobile only platform so these landing pages are going to be mobile optimized(they work on desktops as well). All the other landing pages you are going to find are mostly built for desktops only and don't look good on mobile devices. I just started learning HTML, CSS, and JS earlier this month so if anyone has any tips, or criticisms please let me know. These pages all are highly UNSATURATED and will do the job you need them to do. These pages have never been used to promote before and will work like a charm. The competition is just so low with these pages that it will be MUCH easier to earn.

I'm providing these pages because, you will most definitely need them to make the method most effective, and I need motivation to keep practicing and sharpening my web development skills. I hope to release at least one new page every week so I keep getting stronger at developing, and you guys always have an unsaturated niche to promote with.

The key to success with this method is selecting an unsaturated niche to promote. This is where the vast majority of people get stuck on implementing this method because they attempt to use the same niche as everyone else.. If you're using a saturated niche your earnings aren't going to be anywhere close to where they could be with an unsaturated niche which makes it essential that you use the pages I provide for you. It's just so much more effective and will yield much higher profits. I'm going to be giving you guys all of these landing pages for free, and letting you decide which one you want to promote. I can guarantee that they will all convert EXTREMELY well.

Alright, I'm going to provide a download link to all of them at the bottom of the thread, but first I'm going to show you screenshots of each page, and tell you what Instagrams to scrape followers from for each niche and why the niche will be high converting.

The Pages

Amazon Landing Page

You can scrape from celebrities. Almost everyone uses Amazon.
I haven't seen much of this niche so it should convert very well.

[Image: ob7Yoax.png][Image: 732d0a818409a2930c113cc1d1e98a00.png]

Forever 21

Scrape from Instagram.com/Forever21
This one has to be a goldmine. They have a very interactive following that is composed mostly of females. Most females will download an app for free clothes, makeup, etc. without hesitation because of how obsessed they are with self image, and no one has ever even touched this niche.

[Image: a710f5cba713de708971daad44130b76.png][Image: a71976e7f6571bc87b6e998f8c82a12e.png]


Scrape from Instagram.com/schoolishacked/
There are tons of kids who would kill somebody to get themselves higher grades for no work. This one will earn A LOT.

[Image: 420a01fd7518161e7561cd675337db6a.png][Image: a417affdfa96ca386192fa7c0830f863.png]

Nike Landing Page

Scrape from Instagram.com/Nike
I've never seen this niche used before, and it's fanbase is not only massive, but love the product.

[Image: 2627a94f2b338b86411dc60266be38b1.png][Image: 919899804533240d8b853bcc52689741.png]


You must post to unlock this link

Adding your content locker to these pages

You're going to go onto OG Ads(the network you're registering with) and you're going to create a content locker, and set it up to revolve around the niche. After its created click on it and copy the link. Now open the index.html file of anyone of the landing pages you downloaded. Now hit CTRL + F(to search) and type in Google.com. Now where the Google URL is you're going to be replacing it with the link to your content locker and save the file.

There you have it guys. Now go there and make money..

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