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[HOT] GBH VIP MEMBERS UNITE! - Let's make some crazy money
Hello everybody,

Just finished my 8 hours workday and feeling pumped. Not to bad, a $550 day and still counting...[Image: 10.gif]

I have this crazy idea and would like to hear your opinions.

IDEA: Let's make a small group of smart people and launch something together!

There is nothing more powerful and interesting for me than working on new ideas with smart people who share their skills and experiences.

I am looking to team up with a group of people, not sure how many yet, to work with on a new project.

The project title is still unknown but can be anything from a cool product launch to a software company, depending on what kind of skills we end up with.

I've had a few interesting threads on the forum and it feels really motivating to hear other people's opinions and suggestions.

This is how this is going to work:

First of all, this is not a get rich quick scheme or a way to get some money for not working your ass off. There is no investment needed to join but you need to know how to make shit happen.

Everyone will have their own tasks which will add value to the project. Tasks will be chosen and given to you based on your skills and role in the project.

You have to be reliable and available for your teammates. Completing your tasks on time and sticking to the plan is a must!

There are no special requirements to join the group, except that you need be a well known VIP member of this forum.

I doesn't really matter how much you're earning or if you are a "guru" or not! You just need to be really good at one thing, just one decent skill!

I will be handling the group, talking with everyone and keeping this thread updated!

I am interested, how do I became a part of this?

Please reply to this thread by answering the following questions:
1. How old are you?
2. Where are you from? (time difference is important to me)
3. Out of all the skills you have, what is your #1 skill?
4. Keeping it short, why do you think that you should be a part of this project?

This thread is not just opened for answering these questions, you can participate and share your opinions and suggestions.

What is going to happen when the group is assembled?

Simply said... We will sit down and talk! We'll discuss about possible ideas for the project and pick a purpose that will became the product. Together!

How can I be sure that you won't scam, Mr. Deepxxx or whoever you are?

Well, I will create a joint venture or so called "Journey to Success" thread in the VIP Goldmine section of this forum. All of the details will be disclosed and accessible on the forum so that everybody can keep up and learn as we go.

Why are you doing this, since you are claiming that you earn $500 per day?

As I said before, it feels good to work together with smart people and exchange skills and experiences. I am not looking at this as a way to make a living but a way to improve my skills and learn new stuff along the way. Instead of buying fake ass workshops and eBooks, why not be opened about our methods and combine our skills to make something happen? Just for the sake of it? And if it brings money in the long run, why not meet in real life? I'm thinking about Bahamas or Hawaii.

My personal ideas and requests:

I would like to create an amazing product or service with you guys and allow the whole forum to join the project. We could open our affiliate system only to members of this forum and keep all of the money for us. This way we are all benefiting from this so next time you try to sell a BSO, members won't beg you for review copies. Why? Because a whole lot more members will actually have the money to pay you.

Skills that are most certainly needed?

Everybody knows how to turn on a Facebook campaign or how to make a landing page using a nulled theme. The real gold lies in the custom work and that's why I think that the following skills are most wanted:
1. Kick-ass Designer (someone who is capable of designing something from scratch that looks mind-blowing)
2. Senior developer (Regardless of the actual plan, a decent developer would be our secret weapon)
3. Someone who has a lot of connections and can make things happen with one phone call
4. Marketers who can bring huge amounts of targeted traffic for any niche. Have a list of potential customers or are capable of finding potential customers overnight. Know their shit better then everybody else in the group.

I have an idea but can't execute?

How about you start working on that idea? Ideas are worth nothing, execution and making in happen is where the money is at. Maybe this is your chance to bring that idea to life. Apply to the project and share your ideas to a closed group of people who can help you.

That's about it![Image: happy.gif]

I am really excited and looking forward to your responses.

Let's make 2016 an amazing year! [Image: hit.gif]


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