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I want to buy a working method with a guarantee to make at least 50 USD per day within the first week, if implemented as instructed. Preferably with minimal to no investment. E-whoring tuts also accepted. Anything that will make money, but is legal.

Please, pm me if you have an offer for me. I just got laid off work a couple of weeks a go and have a huge pile of hospital bills to pay (and more will keep coming into the unforeseeable future [Image: confused.gif] ), and desperation is slowly setting in. If the price is higher, it would be appreciated, if I could pay at least in weekly installments or a percentage of profits daily (max 50% preferred)

No negative comments, please. I have enough heartache as it is. Don't want to go into detail in public, but the hospital bill-pile reference will probably serve as a hint. Thanks for understanding. [Image: heart.gif]

I am currently spending all my waking time at my computer, trying on different methods, but so far I haven't had much luck.

Thank you in advance to those, who will help! [Image: heart.gif] [Image: heart.gif] [Image: heart.gif]

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