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GetBlackhat Rules and Etiquette
GetBlackhat Rules:

  1. Do not post short and low quality posts like "lol", "thanks", etc.

  2. Do not engage in flaming.

  3. No posting of personal information, respect other members privacy.

  4. Signature images can be no larger than 650x200 pixels and 500k size. Animated gifs, if used, should not be annoying.

  5. Making multiple accounts is not allowed.

  6. Advertising or promoting of competing sites is not allowed.
GetBlackhat Posting Etiquette:

  1. Read the forum descriptions and post in the correct category.

  2. No clickbait titles. Include full context in titles wherever possible.

  3. Use understandable sentences and good grammar.

  4. Do not double post, edit your first post instead.

  5. All downloads and content should be included in the thread itself. Do not make a thread where you ask members to pm you for links.

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