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[GET] iMobiTrax v3.7 Cracked + Update [Price $179/Mo]
I just found this great tracking script in other forum and thought some of you could be interested.

I searched here and didnt find it, so there you go...


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iMobiTrax 3.7:

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3.7 Cracked.zip?dl=0
iMobiTrax 3.7 Update

Fixed CPC bug that occurs while saving campaigns

1. Redirect by Device OS (see below)
2. Expanded Viewing leads by conversion time to stats and day/week parting (see below)
3. Added devices to device DB
4. New GEO DBs

1. Modified Support for Android OS - Better discovery
2. Modified Support for IE Browser - Increased Identification
3. Changed logs date selection to the log time from the click time.
4. Increased query speed for group by operations on stats.
5. Added new help popup for redirect rules (under "Add New Rule" link)

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if have new iMobiTrax version, I will always update.

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