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[GET] WP Banner Chameleon The Premier Banner Split Testing Plugin
Still Not Making Any Money From Your Affiliate Sites...

[Image: headline01.png]

Turn Your Drab Affiliate Site into a Virtual ATM!
  • Full statistical tracking - So you know exactly what ads are making you the most money!
  • Set up in Minutes - With our 3 click system you can be up and running and making money in minutes!
  • No messy codes - Code is complicated and unnecessary, avoid it completely with our automated banner placement feature!

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Dear Struggling affiliate,

You website is failing to make you the money it should from your affiliate promotion efforts!

You are missing the most powerful conversion crushing elements.

[Image: chameleon_02.png]

How do you know this isn't working for you?

Well take a look at your conversions, are they sitting in the boring 1% region are you sending 100s of clicks and barely getting any buyers. All that targeted traffic that you worked so hard to generate and send to your site is just disappearing without so much as a "HEY LOOK AT ME" effect on your affiliate dashboard.

I know how you feel.

I worked away providing quality content, I got the quality links, I slaved away at getting that magical front page ranking. Only to still be left with me earnings for the day to sit at a boring $0.

[Image: chameleon_03.png]

You see I was going to my affiliate program adding a set of there made to convert banners to my site and sitting there with a big smile on my face waiting for the money to come. It didn't come and I was left thinking If I had 10 cents for every click im sending these people Id be making A LOT of money.

It was scary to look at the amount of traffic I kept sending there way only to see. $0

[Image: chameleon_04.png]

I had to see what was happening with my banners I had to be able to know what was working and what wasn't I set about creating a plugin that allowed me to track my banners find out exactly how many people see them and how much of this traffic is going missing.

Not only did I find that I was sending more traffic than the affiliate programs said I was I was also failing to get my users visiting these sites I could have been sending A LOT more traffic.

The results where truly SHOCKING!

It was then that I knew I needed to test my banners and see whats working and what isn't.


WP Banner Chameleon

[Image: box.png]

The complete traffic converting commission crushing banner management tool.

Banner Chameleon is designed with one goal in mind to make you more money!

Your buyers have barriers up to the old standard banner or even flash banner our rotating feature firmly fixes your buyers eyes on the banner.

Your buyers aren't all the same! You cant expect to pitch a muscle building product to a person who wants to lose weight. So Banner Chameleon helps you control your banners showing them exactly the right banner for your content.

Your buyers also love a targeted deal, is it Christmas, January sale? Or another holiday changing your banners in the blink of a eye across your whole website can be tedious. Not with our automated banner placement. Even if you have 500 posts/pages you can quickly in 3 clicks add banners to every page

[Image: innerheadline01.png]

Whether you have an old site that's fallen by the wayside in making money and you think all hope is lost or you have a brand new site you want to monetize quickly and efficiently banner chameleon is the only solution that gives you such freedom to control your banners.
  • No messing with shortcodes
  • Easy to use interface
  • Full tracking of banners
  • Powerful Automated Banner Placement feature
  • HTML or image banners
  • Full control over your banners and banner widgets, do you want a specific banner on a post/page this does it!

Banner chameleon is the most feature packed and efficient banner control management tool that helps to recover your old sites or build your new sites into a conversion power house to help sky rocket your affiliate commission.

Banner Chameleon is perfect for.
  • CPA Marketers
  • Clickbank Affiliates
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Market Health Affiliates

And many more affiliate programs that use banners.

[Image: chameleon_06.png]

As a fellow suffering affiliate I know how hard it can be to get your sites making money and how this is essential to your success as a affiliate marketer. So I'm going to offer this at a incredibly low price with unlimited personal site usage.

Get your unlimited personal license below while the price is so low!

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You must post to unlock this link

You know so far that your site is just sitting there wasting away, you also know how much potential it has that's why you built it. So unleash the chameleon and take control of your destiny.

To your success

[Image: profile-graphicTHREAD.png]

P.S This special offer will be closing shortly so don't miss out and have to pay retail price the next time you come back this may be closed.


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Download - Thanks to poidog
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thanks for the download

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