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[GET] Ultimate Off-Shore Banking Guide
I got the below guide from a membership I'm in.
With the upcoming Global Financial Collapse/Reset you want to have wealth protection in place. The guide explains it fully and as I have a HK bank account I know it works. But, you got to make sure your bank doesn't report you to your home country as mine does but I have a legal thing that stops that. If it's not written in the "fine print" ask them. There's loads of banks that don't report you to your home country.

Hong Kong is cheap to go to thanks to the cheap flights now thru phone apps. Accommodation price is good too so long as you go outside China holiday times. Shopping is fantastic but it's crowded. It's a great place to visit with lots of beaches, parks big and small, malls, culture, etc. Lots of English speakers in the local population.

Here is the guide, enjoy it and spread it around:

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