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[GET] [BHT Exclusive Offer] THE LAST MONEY REPORT By MOD Aquarian123
[Image: 2s0k4uc.png]

[Image: fxa4q1.png]

I just want to ask a few questions:

1. Are you suffering from information overload? Have you downloaded almost everything from the forum yet you don’t have any clue how and from where to start?

2. Do you get frustrated when you ask someone in the forum hey, how can I make some money and the dude replies, work it out your own self. (That feels a bit rude, you were just asking for a way)

3. Are you tired of stuffing your hard drives with pure junk because nothing is working for you? Everything seems so worthless.


If Your Answer Is Yes, Please Read On

You all know that I have been here as a Moderator for some time now. When I was a junior member here, I used to download everything; I mean I was crazy. But despite tons of downloads, I was unable to make any money online. I realized that everything I was downloading was just pure crap (everything that looked good because of beautiful covers and packs were just trash). And on top of that, nobody ever told me, hey follow this or that, so that I could be on a straight and correct path.

Then I decided that I would figure out what this was all about. I wasn’t sure initially, but then I thought to give it a try. I thought what I need to learn first for my first website was keyword research for sure. I downloaded so much stuff on keyword research that didn't know where to start and even started getting bored. But one day, this effort of mine lead me to a great course on keyword research and I said d***, that’s the way to do it. Now my next goal was to find something related to domain selection and wordpress initial settings. Again I spent some time and I found that now I knew how to set it up. I repeated the same steps for finding something good on SEO and link building etc and I eventually found them. The net result is that I started making money online (at last), it was a long journey but totally worth the time. It took me more than 8 months to find what works and works pretty well.

Now, I love sharing secrets (I have reasons why I love sharing even if it is the biggest secret of making money online, I will tell you the reasons in my report).

I started teaching what I learnt and I am very happy that my students feel that what I told worked well. Now, they aren’t making thousands of dollars but they are definitely on the right path to making money online, you can surely ask them about that.

And now I have decided to share what I know works well on a massive scale. That’s why I wrote The Last Money Report so that I could help you all.

So, What Is In The Last Money Report?

[Image: 2jcwpdl.jpg]

I will tell you of all the good courses that WILL WORK for you regardless of your experience or any other factor.

You get the gems, the best of the best that I've discovered in these 8 months of my hard work.

You will know how to best utilize them so you can make money online, even if it is your first time.

You will never have to ask anybody how and from where to start!

And You WILL MAKE MONEY, I guarantee that!

Still Not Convinced? Then READ REVIEWS

Review by Milady Dee Dee (my student)

First of all, I wanna tell that I know Aquarian123 for more than a year now. And I wanna let you know that he has been really good to me and he has become probably one of the closest friends I got in the IM business! He has helped me a lot even though he didn’t really know me at the very beginning. But that's what he really is - a good, honest person that is willing to help anytime you need help! So before I write a review for his book I want to tell you that you are dealing with someone who cares about you, someone who is willing to help anytime and he is putting his Mod reputation on this book ~ I mean this is really a strong promise.

I got a copy of his book and let me tell you that there are no fluffs in it. He started right on the subject. He has helped me doing what I am doing today so much times that I can’t even tell about it. Yeah, I'm not making millions of course, but I’m making money and he is the main reason why I'm making money at all!

I put my whole reputation here ~in BHT~ for this book and this person! Why? Simply, because it is worth its price! I know him, I know what he is doing, I know he have helped me started my business and I know for sure that if you have no clue at all how to make money, then go for it! It won’t make you millionaire but it can give you really solid income!

Fellow BHTer,

Milady Dee Dee

Review By shoaib baig (my student)

Just read through this report.... WOW, this stuff is powerful, No cost to start and just mind blowing stuff. Pure brilliant stuff Aquarian. This idea of his got me really excited, it really is unlimited what you can do with this.

Not only this, I have learnt many things from Aquraian about internet marketing and he told me each and every secret he knows and he never tried to hide any secret from me. Whatever he told me about Affiliate marketing is purely gold and although I am a newbie but I am seeing results from my own naked eyes. I simply call Aquarian my mentor [Image: wink.png]

Once again, method that is hidden inside this book is a terrific strategy if implemented
correctly can reap you awesome results.

I can just say go for it. For this price it is a steal.

Highly Recommended

Review By Drax
Aquarian123 answers one of the biggest questions faced by most Internet Marketers: "How do I take the crazy overload of information out there and learn from it so I can make money online?"

There are so many courses out there. Some are good, some are not. Some are strong in certain areas but not very good in other areas. For example, one course may be good for keyword research but not very strong in link building. So, the ideal solution is to figure out the best sections of the best courses and piece them together to make a very strong blueprint for making money. But who has the time to do this?

Aquarian123 has done the hard work! In his book, he shows you which courses to study and what are their strongest parts. He gives you a blueprint to navigate these courses and apply the information in a way that you will make money. And, since there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everybody, he provides three different models you can use to make money online based on the courses he recommends. In other words, it's a lot more than just a list of courses -- there are instructions on how these courses should be best applied.

Please be warned that you should not expect to read Aquarian123's book and make millions of dollars 5 minutes later. His book provides you the map you need to follow to learn from multiple different courses (all available on this forum). If you take the time to follow his advice, I am sure you will make money online!

Review By kokofai
Aquarian has provided clear step-by-step actions that you need to follow in order to
stop yourself from doing all the so-called "unrealistic" things.

While I was new in this forum, I didn't know about anything, and I just download everything blindly, yes you read it, BLINDLY. I tried to read all of them and ended up I experienced information overload. For whole 3 months, I couldn't sleep well because once I closed my eyes; my head is filled with all the various "unrealistic" make money methods (both black and white hat).

Aquarian, however, is telling you what you should do, in the position of a mentor, to aid you in making money online. Honestly speaking, I wish I would have read such an e-book earlier on or else I wouldn't need to bear all the unnecessary information over load period and spent about few thousands USD in trying all the "unrealistic methods".

Now, you have the chance to grab this e-book for a minimal fee (as compared to all the investment done by me), don't you think you should grab this chance?

If you are serious about making money online, this is definitely a guide that you should go for it. In my experience, with this guide, if you still cannot start making any money online, it is probably:
i) You are lazy;
ii) You are lazy; and
iii) You are LAZY!

Trust me, if enough effort and action are taken, there is no way you won't make money with this guide. Aquarian has been very kind to put all these things together so that you won't need to go through all the mistakes that a lot of people have done.

As the sentence goes: "What's the similarity between Tiger Hood and Kobe Bryant and David Beckham?"

The answer: "They all have a coach!"

And Aquarian123 is here to guide you guys. To make money or not, the decision is up to you guys. My review ends here.

*PS - I am surprised that Aquarian is kind enough to even provide a group chat to answer your questions.

Review By Skyfullofballoons
To all the BHTers out there. You do not wanna miss this out.

So what's so special in this report? Here goes sky's review of the "Last Money Report" by our good Moderator Aquarian123.

I should tell you how much I liked the button so called "what's new" button. I loved seeing big dollars within a matter of minutes headers. Whoa! Now this is the biggest deal ever. I've gotta download this d*** thing out and rake in the big dollars they're talking about.

Where did I go wrong? I used to download each and every report and then invest my time on reading them. Let me tell you guys? It wasn't an investment at all. It took me so long to realize my time was valuable more than anything. I had lost almost 6 months of my time on reading crap. Pure CRAP, if you ask me.

I know that there are BHTers who are earning big on this forum; who knows what they should to do to make that kind of money with their knowledge, they know the exact working steps to get there. And I'm aware that there are newbies, who's struggling to make their first dollar online, keeping trust on each and every share that it would make them get there. You need guidance my good fellow BHTers. You need to know what to read, and what to stay away from. It's not easy guys; it would take so long for you to find all the golden manuals in this forum. There's plenty. And you're gonna have to dig and dig and dig.

But what if you had a manual, that tells you, what you should learn first, and after that, covering almost every area you need to know about making money online...What if you get a report, where you could get to know what works, and what doesn't. It'll be a huge time saver don't you think?

I wanna thank you my good friend Aquarian123 for giving me a copy of the Last Money Report. He'll telling you about 11 golden courses you need to follow, and yes, he has listed down them in order, so that you can learn step by step from the beginning. He explains about THREE Moneymaker websites, and those courses he has listed will help you on making them the real moneymakers.

Time is valuable for all of us. Sometimes I wish there was a couple more hours a day. LOL. If you keep wasting your time reading junk reports and watching the same rehashed videos, I'm sure if you're not gonna make any money off from them, you'd start giving up, losing all your hopes. Making money online is easy, and is possible for anyone if they got the RIGHT knowledge and TOOK ACTION.

The Last Money Report won't be for BHTers who are making a killing right now, but this would be a golden chance for newbie BHTers. You're gonna get all this golden guides while you're at the newbie phase. Gee, I wish I had this report when I was a newbie. It took me 6 months to learn what works and what doesn't and then to come up with my own strategies and to implement them. All the courses he has listed out are shared here already so it'll be all free. I personally recommend the Last Money Report to anyone who is willing to know what has been the Golden stuff you should've known if you were to make big money online.

TAKE ACTION! And that's all you need.

Review By Chrism41077
This is one of the last courses/e-books you will ever need. Aquarian123 explains everything you will need to use to make money online in this guide. Each step is laid out and explained in detail, holding nothing back. This course is great if you are new to the IM world and don’t know where to begin. I have been using the methods and tips outline to learn and grow my affiliate marketing business. My advice to all of the new people struggling to make online is to buy this e-book you won’t regret it. The knowledge you will gain is well worth the investment.

Chris and Robin

What About Guarantee?

Many people offer money back guarantees but I am not offering it. There is a reason for that, you can get the report so inexpensively that even if you ask for a refund, I will not face any damage. What is the most important asset of a person, you will agree that it is respect, honor and reputation. And if you strike them, you are really damaging that person from deep inside.

So, here is my guarantee, if the 30 customers write in this thread that what I told you was just pure rubbish, that you didn’t receive any value whatsoever from the information and I tried to scammed them, I WILL RESIGN as a Moderator of BlackHatTeam. Being a Mod is a great honor for me and I would really get hurt and I will really feel bad if I resign as Mod.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this report and you won’t regret this purchase.

Not only that, with The Last Money Report, once 50 copies are sold, I will conduct a Live Group Chat where you can shoot me any question, it would be more like a private coaching session, I promise you that.

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