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[Free for GBH VIP] Exclusive Step-By-Step POF method I use to make Profits!
Quote:Hey Dear GBH VIP members,

I have done the POF ads and been profitable with the strategies I was using for Black People Meet Offer that I was promoting, and want to share it to you guys, you can try to replicate the same methods to promote other offers on this. The main thing is the banner blindness that occurs in POF, so I used to either stop the campaign for few days or what you can do is change images for those campaigns. I will be sharing with you guys the exact images that I have used for BPM offer so that you guys get an idea what type of images work.

So, lets get back to work and discuss what exactly I did.

1. The Offer
The offer was BlackPeopleMeet - 25+ DOI USA/CA

2.Ad Network to run Ad on
I ran this on ads.pof.com (It is the advertising platform of Plentyoffish)

3.Domain + Hosting
I bought a domain name and hosting for it. Buy a domain related to your offer, something like Black-people-meeting-now.com etc.,
For the hosting part, If you are on budget you can buy the shared hosting but I would highly recommend you guys using VPS with Beyondhosting.net.
It is very important thing, as after many tests I have come to conclusion that with VPS or Dedicated servers and CDNs, your website load time increases and in turn the sales as well. And another good thing with beyond hosting is that they install Prosper202 which is tracking software which we will be using to track our visitors and sales.

4.Ads + Description etc.,
I like titles of the ads like this and have always used it like this, you guys can definitely try different titles but this is which worked the best for me.

Wanted: {age:} y/o male!
Wanted: {age:} y/o female!

For My descriptions I always use

For targeting Women -
{age:} y/o male in the {state:} area is searching locally. Register and search BlackPeopleMeet now.

For targeting Men -
{age:} y/o female in the {state:} area is searching locally. Register on BPM and search locals now!

Something of this kind works for me always!

5.Bidding Strategy
I always bid 0.17 USD per CPM and 0.21 USD per CPM depending upon the campaigns.

For my 17 cents bid I use this::

Age ( 3 Years intervals always - like 2527, 2830, 3133, 3436 etc.,)
Ethnicity: Black
Browser: Mobile
Ads Clicked : 0-4, 5-19
Show to Converted : NO

So here you see Im using 17 cents for the Mobile ads. And you can use ethnicity for the type of offer you are promoting, it can vary for the type of offer you have, but overall you get an idea what it is about.

For my 21 cents bid I use this ::

Age (3 Years intervals always - like 2527, 2830, 3133, 3436 etc.,)
Ethnicity: Black

Now another thing which is very important is the nomenclature you use for the Camapaigns.

I name my campaigns like this


[ ABC = Network Name
BPM = Offer Name
2527 = Age Group
M = Sex
L100 = Less than 100 Login Count ]

You wouldn't get much volume with the 17 cents and 21 cents bidding but making profit is my goal always, and I succeed with this strategy.
After this.

I create many campaigns. I will write what exactly I do.

1. AA*-BPM-*2527-*M*-L100 [21 cents bid]
2. AA-*BPM*-2527*-M*-50250 [21 cents bid]
3. AA*-BPM-*2527-*M-*250plus [Don't include login count, bid 17 cents]
4. AA*-BPM*-2527*-M*-mobile [No login count, mobile only 17 cents]

Do these for the ages, which your network offer allows like till 50 or 60.

Now repeat the process for Female.

I have attached the image how your campaign names will look like.

[Image: pof1x.png]

For setting up Prosper202 on your webserver you can watch videos here :
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After that it is all about adding images and writing ad copies for your campaigns. Just a matter of 2-3 hours and your ads will be written. Let me show you how exactly it looks like.

[Image: pof2.png]

There you will notice that after setting up the Prosper202 on your domain name, and after getting the prosper link that will be in my case

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I was changing the keywords specific to the ad, like

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You must post to unlock this link
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Check as link has keywords with ad1, ad2, ad3 etc appended.

so that I will be able to track better track which images are working best.

Also culling the ads at appropriate time is also necessary,

In my case, I used to pause the banner when after 1000 views there were no clicks.

Have attached the Landing page i was using up
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There are two folders smen and swomen.

Hope you guys find this information beneficial!



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