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Free List Building Method - Journey For Newbies
As my part of a case study that will last 3 months starting from today, i will attempt to build an email list using free methods.

REQUIREMENT: Only requirement is hosting ,as you can get .tk free domain OR you can use self hosted optin-page on Aweber
NICHE: Internet Marketing, BizzOps, Make Money Online
GOAL: building 300 relevant niche subscribers in 3 months without spending a cent.
STRATEGY: JV Giveaways, After and if i hit first 100 subscribers, i'm going to attempt List Swaps, Click Banking and Ad Swaps on Facebook groups.

So what are JV Giveaways? Basicly, those are privately and invitation held giveaways where you join as a contributor with many others, prepare your giveaway(PLR,ebook,report,software,script,just check PLR section on forum if you don't have any idea what to give out...) and after some days when the registration for contributors ends, all contributors are placed on the main page.
Then when a jv giveaway launches for normal people(after contributor signup ends) , they will see the page where everyone placed their giveaways and if they like something when they click on it ,they will need to enter email to get it.
The placement of contributors on the main page depends on how much are they promoting it.
At the end, many contributors join and offer their free stuff, then every contributor promotes it however they can, that brings a lot of traffic to the main page since everybody is promoting it(you are not alone, everybody else is promoting it or pretending to promote it), people see the giveaways and choose which one they want and enter their email. While there is a paid version of a contributor and certanly helps with conversions(popups, exitpop,oto,salespage,etc...) i will just use free variant.
Best thing is, that you can join in as many jv giveaways as you can after you join your first.

I invite everyone who wants to start or build a list for free too, to join your first JV Giveaway: "
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It's open for Contributors (ppl who offer something free on their optin page) , for regular people that want to get those free gifts is open from 26th April to 10th May. I have few days to setup my optin page and pick what i will give out and setup everything (so far i used same gift for every jv giveaway).

p.s - Free hosting and free .tk domain + RapidMailer as autoresponder will be enough for this OR signup for Aweber 30 day trial and use their selfhosted option without need of domain or hosting(you will need to design your optin inside Aweber then and the link will be huge and it wont be pretty).

This will be updated.

2nd April:
+ I signed up for the
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, registered a free .tk domain to use with this.
+ Installed Instabuilder plugin (2nd best choice would be WP Profit Builder) and will use one of their ready templates for my optin which i will tweak a little to my liking.
+ Browsing forum to find an interesting PLR/MMR product to give out.
+ Sent 11 emails to internet marketers that i found by searching for a recent IM product launch (found their sites and contacted them). Since im looking for list building i checked list building products on jvzoo and searched their brand on google and went through 6-7 pages to get the small sites and contacted them for the JV opportunity.
+ I got 1 Contributor signup ,that means i will place on the main event page near the top (since 90% of others didnt contribute)

3rd April:
+ Setup Aweber, SqueezePage and ThankYou Page, and added 1 gift which i found on forum
+ Contacted some Ezine site owners
+ Non Paid Contributors can add 2 gifts , i am thinking of adding another gift
+ My Gift is placed on page 1 out of 4 (since i referred 1 contributor)
+ Promoted on my twitter accounts (5)
+ Planning to Contact more Ezine site owners and small/medium size affiliate marketing site owners (the ones that would normaly want to increase their list size)

4th April:
+ sent 80 mails on
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traffic exchange, contacted 20 affiliate site owners, sent 20 contributor invitations to ezine owners
+ added 2nd gift and signed up for a new announced
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+ Plan: until one of the jv's launch for members to get the gifts i will be promoting to contributors, when it launches i will promote each jv 2 times with a random IM niche scraped list.

5th April:
+ sent member promo email for April Showers Giveaway to 532 random ppl (1st time, using sendblaster setup on free aws ec2)

6th April:
+ Didn't do anything today
+ Late in the evening got MY FIRST SUBSCRIBER to my list (he opted in for my gifts), lead didn't come due to my efforts of promoting the giveaway to potential contributors nor to regular people but as a random lead that got referred by somebody else !


7th April:
+ Sent 1248 mails to a random list for
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(1st time)
+ Used
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to send 400 emails promoting members access of Getaway Giveaway event.
+ Wrote Indoctrination autoresponder followup for the new subscribers (1 email and sent it)
When i say Contributors= Promoting to people who are interested to share gifts(aff site owners, ezine owners, etc..) Members= random people who want free stuff/gifts
+ Got new lead !
+ Joined my 4th JV -
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8th April:
+ Got 3 new leads !
+ April Showers launched for regular member access, i will promote to some random list.


9th April:
+ New lead


10th April:
+ 2 New Leads
+ Sent 532 mails to random list for Getaway Giveaway
+ Sent 1248 mails to a random list for April Showers Giveaway
+ Sent 400 mails with The Lead Magnet for April Showers Giveaway


11h April:
+ 1 New Lead


12th April:
+ 2 New Lead
+ Joined new "
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13th April:
+ Promoting Breakthrough Giveaway for members on random email list and with TheLeadMagnet(can mail only 400 members each 3 days).
+ 1 New Lead


14th April:
+ 1 New Lead
+ Joined new "
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15th April:
+ 1 New Lead


16th April:
+ 1 New Lead


After 15 days of doing jv giveaways my stats are: 603 clicks and 15 subscribers which results in 2.5% optin rate. At least it's something while not doing much work, just joining new jv giveaways and sending 1 promotional msg to random email lists i scraped.
If i did a good job to choose a better product and better landing pages i would have more subscribers, but i choose a fast route and just added stuff without much tought.
Also my gifts are on 6-8 page. If i would heavy promote giveaway maybe i can get more people and end up on page 1 or 2 which would certainly increase exposure of my gifts and leads.

17th April:
+1 New Lead
+ sent 400 emails on TheLeadMagent
+ Considering to focus promoting only 1 giveaway heavy and see if i can get to be placed on page 1 of the event.
+ Currently using AWS free ec2 with cracked sendblaster to send promo emails to random scraped lists. Am blackisted on 3 out of 105 lists, so still going strong. When i get like 60% blaclist i will just create a new aws instance.


18th April:
+ 1 New Lead


19th April:
+ 1 New Lead
+ Joined new "
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20th April
+ 4 New Leads - best day so far - (1 unsubscribe)
+ Promoted Guru Secrets Giveaway with TheLeadMagnet(safe mailer - 400 mails as thats the max for the free members).


21th April
+ 2 New Leads
+ Signed up for new "
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22th April:
+ 2 New Lead


23th April:
+ 1 New Lead


25th April:
+ 1 New Lead
+ Joined new "
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26th April:
+ 1 New Lead


27th April:
+ 2 New Leads


28th April:
+ 2 New Lead
+ Promoted Game Changer Giveaway for members with sending 400 mails on TheLeadMagnet


29th April:
+ Joined new
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1st May:
+ 2 New Lead


3rd May:
+ 1 New Lead
+ Joined new
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+ My Aweber account should have run out yesterday. I have a credit card that is expiring/expired, aweber bill shows invoice due date 22may - maybe it will extend to 22nd may haha. I started aweber trial on 2nd April.


11th May:
I took a long break, now im back.
Aweber trial = gone
Preparing to test Mailchimp since it has free plan for up to 2k subscribers and 12k emails per month sending limit. Free Mailchimp doesn't have automated autoresponder in place so i will send manualy.

12th May:
+ Now using double opt-in since Mailchimp doesn't have singe opt-in feature.
+ Checking to see if i missed any signups for jv giveaways while i paused.
+ Since im using now Mailchimp, i needed to create 2 lists with 2 different signup forms (doesnt have option to use 1 list for 2 different thank you pages). Also needed to import same subscribers to 2 lists. Don't know how will this play out when trying to send emails. This might prove to be a little anoying but we will see in time. I can also cut 1 gift out and use only 1 but that might lower the chance for new leads.
+ 2 New Leads (at least now i see which gift is generating the lead)
+ Joined new
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+ Joined new
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+ Joined new
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+++ If you want to start JV Giveaways, always join the last 3-4 ones since they are still running ( the older ones are done and don't accept signups)


16th May:
+ Since i began using Mailchimp, leads stoped coming in, i also stopped promoting giveaways might be because of that, but my gifts are still at the pages listed
+ Joined 2 new jv giveaways:
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hosted by ANIK SINGAL !!!
+ If you wana start too, its the best to start with the
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, they have multiple prizes for the best promoters and Anik Hosting the giveaway means he ll bring so much traffic along others. Anik's giveaway is open now for contributors and accepts only gifts about health,fitness and wellness niche. I will need to setup a new squeeze page and add the new gift until 3rd June when it launches for regular members to download gifts. A quick search on forum and i found what i will give out Smile
+1 New Lead


This is a good addition for all that are starting 100% FREE:
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It's enough to get you starting list building for free (Autoresponder/LandingPage/Hosting/Free Domain sources included)

17th May:
+3 New Lead
+ Signed-Up and testing another free email autoresponder BenchmarkEmail. It should be better then Mailchimp. Tomorrow switching full to BenchmarkEmail.


18th May:
+Switched to Benchmark Email autoresponder. It has automated autoresponder and i can add multiple forms under 1 list which Mailchimp doesnt have.
+5 New Leads (best day eva)


19th May:
+1 New Lead


20th + 21st May:
+2 New Lead
+I totaly moved to BenchmarkEmail, created 1 list, created 2 signup forms to house 2 different giveaway products and added them to the 1 list (something i couldnt do on Mailchimp). I created 3 email autoresponder sequence(something i couldnt do on Mailchimp).
+I will promote
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to contributors. I will promote that JV hard since Anik Singal is hosting it and there will be huge traffic to this JV so i want to rank better or close to the main giveaway page !


+ After i switched fully to BenchmarkEmail and imported my leads from Aweber->Mailchimp->Benchmark, somehow i got short 2 leads, must be a bad/fake email from the Aweber optin where i used single optin.
+ Noticed in BenchmarkEmail that they don't have much of a segmenting system(like segment by the form that was used or by date), but overall i ll use it and recommend since it has autoresponder and 1list->multiple forms option and quick send(send mail to selected ppl from the list without autoresponder).


23th May:
+ 1 New Lead
+ Joined new
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25th May:
+ Sent 1 Broadcast, only 1 open in 3-4days - seems like my list is not responsive. Will test again. 80% of the optins are from aweber where i had single optin setup and probably people used emails they dont look up. Mailchimp and BenchmarkEmail support for free only doubleoptin but i have like only 10 doubleoptins max. I will send in 2 days again broadcast.

26th May:
+ Sent another broadcast for some launch thats going to be happening 30th May
+ I might start to promote the JV's again just to see if im going to get regular leads again since i stoped promoting and i dont have daily leads anymore.

27th May:
+ After sending 2nd broadcast, got 1 open and 1 unsubscribe hehe. My list is not big(47) but certainly not responsive. I spent 2 months building it with 10-15mins a day, but the lead quality is not good.

My autoresponder is set for 4 days and i had 3-5 broadcasts which resulted in only 2 people out of 50 opening and 1 of 2 unsubscribing.
I think that concludes testing this strategy, altough i will send every 2 days broadcast to see and recheck.

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