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First 1.2k/Month From Google Adsense
Hi Everyone,

Just a little story and hopefully motivate some of you to work harder and don't give up on your goals.

For the past couple months I have been searching and spending a lot of money $$$$ on method and try it but keep failing.... Until I see this topic
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I read it over and I messaged
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right away, asking him if he could to do a 1-1 training for me. He agreed, he start teach me step by step and what should be done and don't. When I first start doing it many of my videos for deleted so i lost motivation and take a couple days off, but i came back and keep doing what he told me and FINALLY here I am with my first earning from Google adsense Smile.

[Image: JDu8A6E.png]

As you can see last month I earned $833.43, and this month is $1264.13.

Hope this will be an inspiration to many of you out there. I started off as someone who had no idea WTF is IM. and Thank you
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again for showing me the light!!!!!

***The story may got some grammar issues as I am writing this at 2:54AM, Hope it help many of You and thank you
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