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"Finally, i've hit 5k per month!!" - William2010
Quote:Hello all,

I am really excited.. after a lot of time reading about others success, about others earnings..finally it's my turn Smile
This post is to motivate all people, especially newbies, that didn't made money till now.
It can happen trust me!
Of course i had my share of frustration, my share of failures , but in the end it paid off!
The niche i'm in is Solo ad/list building. Now i know that many people have failed in this, and also i know, from what i read in here that many people don t see this like an actual legitimate business..but trust me they are wrong!
I haven t made 5k yet this month, only 3k so far, but by the way things are going..i'll hit 5k or even more before the month is over.
I am sure many people will want to know how,,well the answer is easy, i've paid a coach. I'm not going to say any names, but just know that it's a real big thing to have a coach working with you...trust me
It means a lot to have someone showing you the exact road , the exact things to do.
Have i learned any new earth shattering stuff? NO! 90% of all the info i got, i already knew it myself, but, it helped me to focus..and most of all it helped me build my self confidence again.
You see after countless times, when i bought different products on how to make money, and i failed time after time.. my self confidence was about..0
What advice could i give to people that want to make money?
Get out of your comfort zone.. do things , and you will make money! For me it worked the solo ad biz, but for you may work Cpa, or Clickbank, or Adsense.etc etc

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I will not get tired sharing!
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