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[FIND] AGED Domains. Up to 12 years old.
[FIND] AGED Domains. Up to 12 years old.

Simple tip but worth for starters.

To find Aged domains, with up to 12 years old and sometimes more, available to register from .com to .info or whatever, just:- Visit
You must post to unlock this link
- Click "Agree"
- Click on AGE on the top blue bar

There you go. You have a list of very old domains available to register that you can use asap. No auctions to wait, no counter-offers, nor anything.

Other tips:
- Click on the number in the "YBL" that means Yahoo Back Links column and take a look at all the backlinks for that domain. The more backlinks the aged domain has, the better it is for SEO.
- Look also for the EDU and GOV backlinks that may also interest you.
- You can also choose your own keyword and get an aged domain with it, even though it is not 12 yo but well aged anyway. Just click on "Domain name - include" on the right side.
These domains cost just $5 five dollars plus the price to register the domain at Go Daddy, be it a .com or .info or whatever.

And, no, I am not the owner of fresdrop.


Again, I am not selling anything, just sharing this info. And if you find it interesting, please hit thanks.


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