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F#ck The Rules - YT Ranking Experiment
[Image: 42rock.gif]

Everyone tells you that you gotta think: "long run". What if i dont want to...or dont have time to wait?! I want quick rankings - quick bucks. I want them NOW! QUICK in this case is about 2 weeks.

So this experiment will show me if the hit-n-run strategy is viable. Will it make enough money to cover the costs and effort? Let's see!

Journey Goal:

I want to rank a video or multiple videos in a very tough niche. Goal is to get in top #3 Spots on Google.com (US)
The video should get on top in the first 2 weeks and stay on top at least 5 days. However i will continue to monitor the results over 1 month since the video gets uploaded to YT.
GSA with premium list.
Captcha Breaker
Private proxies
Custom made video
Niche: Maybe weight loss. But i will go to Clickbank and pick a product with the highest gravity. I wont disclose the video URL until it has ranked and/or lost its rankings.

Gonna make a s#it load of backlinks to the video, and telling indexification to drip feed those backlinks over 5 days.
Will get a few social signals as well.
Will also pay someone on Fiverr to make 5-10 HIGH PR manual backlinks.
Will also do some YT channel magic that proved to work in the past.

I will note down my expenses and my profits. I am eager to see how this will work out. At the end of experiment a some sort of report will hit the thread.

Start Date: Friday, 13th,016

If you have any suggestions and/or comments, make yourself heard! Smile

Will use the retarget Engine to try to sell again to people on Facebook.
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