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Did you do this? No, I did! Money coming in immediately!
Yes I did something unbelievable,

I have done something that can immediately break at least 10 BIG online companies.
I can get an income stream from these companies, OR I can share the content with you. I'm thinking about it..

Alright, I'm not going to say too much, but this is what you're going to hear:
[hide]A platform owned by a few big online marketeers, which they apparently are using, has been found by me. I was just doing a little big research and decided to hack it. I checked the content and yes it is great. It isn't only their products, but everything they use for the products. Their sites, extras, setups (plans), etc. When you ever wanted to exactly copy something from a marketeer, then you literally can copy this content and upload it to your domain and voilá, you have a complete project with everything you need. And more than 900 products are included..

So what can I do with this content?
I can start running 900 projects and sell all the products. Pricing it to 7$ each and having a very small sale of 200 sales for each product this year will make me thus at least $1,260,000.00 ;-) excluded the sales of OTOs obviously.

BUT I can also share this content with you.
When I would share this content to you all, then products can be copied by multiple persons and the effect will be a lot less. You may be making an eager $2,000 or so. In addition the marketeers will find it out easier, but it is harder for them to stop the madness.

Tell me what you think about it. I don't reply to any PM about this that isn't interested enough, so when you want to PM me about this; you will have to be serious.

Have fun,

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