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[Diary] List Building Wealth [PPV PPC CoReg] Updated 2015-02-18
Last update: 18th february 2015
Hi guys,

many people have such a fancy thread about their journey to success, so I will join this circle Smile I am a student, so I have no time to work full time as an IM, but I read into many WSOs, BSOs and so on over the time. I tried many things and burned many cash, which I had to work hard for on a side job. So I think some experience is there. At the moment I earn around $170 per month from IM, but I want to take this to a new level. My goals are $1000/month for the end of 2015 and $500/day for the end of 2016. I will update this thread every now an then with tips and new experiences I gained for you. Also software recommendations and so on.

I tried many blackhat shit, but I am self employed now and so I am looking for whitehat techniques, that earn constant money and no loophole or illegal stuff. I plan on being a full time IM with a steady income after graduating, so I need real business info.

tl;dr: My background story. I am poor and want to be wealthy.

Update from 13th january 2015:
My Paypal Sales button is not working anymore and as usual paypal needs days to correct it and the support is full of shit. I hope there was a better service to receive credit card payments. Also reddit does not allow Tracking links (shortened links or redirects) and Google AdWords doesn't either. This is a step back on my way, but I will figure something out.

Update from 18th february 2015:
Okay guys, here is my update after a long time. I tried different things and got disappointed some times. But I have some good ideas in the pipe. See my future updates for that. First thing I tried was PPV. My goal every time was to get email opt-ins cheaply. Very first supplier for PPV Ads I tried was buysellads.com Long story short, it didn't work out.
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As you can easily see I spent $154.70 for the 2 campaigns there and got a hell of impressions, but very few clicks. $7.47 CPC on the one campaign. WTF? I changed the banner pictures and increased the CTR, it was even lower in the first days. All of the 41 clicks were sent to my sales funnel. Picture 2 and 3 show you, that in the end I got 4 sign ups. That was $38.675/Opt-in, making it the worst investment in ads ever for me.

My second and 3rd attempt in PPV was reddit and 4chan. reddit did not approve my campaign, because I used my imobitrax cloaked link and they wanted to have a direct link. Not gonna happen, fuckers. Tracking is essential. 4chan was way cooler. They accepted the campaign, but the results were not good.
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So I spent $20 for 80k impressions had 211 clicks, $0.095CPC and 5 opt-ins, which means $4/Opt-in. 1/10 of the previous investment, but still way to much, but I think I am getting closer.

Time for first steps in PPC. Google AdWords declined my campaigns, because domains did not match tracking link. I will figure something out in the next weeks, mainly because I got a $100 voucher for these greedy jews. But I also bought a $100 voucher for Bing Ads and they wanted to display my campaigns, so let's get to the stats.
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11.070 impressions, 41 clicks, cpc $0.228, 4 opt-ins, $2.3/opt-in. We are getting closer. CPC with bing looks really interesting. I definitely will get into a few courses and optimize this. This month was just to get my feet wet, I know the numbers are really S***** at the moment, but there are a lot of buttons to press and levers to push, so I will improve^^

PPC looks cool and I will use it after a few days studying the guides I acquired, but I found a really impressive alternative. Coregristration services. You only pay per opt-in and do not have the hassle with views and clicks and converting them into opt-ins. It sounded really promising, so I tried out a vendor called opt-intelligence. Google how they get the sign ups, it is really white hat.
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Best I could do so far. I paid $0.5/opt-in. That is indeed a nice price. I got 751 leads and spent $375.5 ($25 sign up bonus included). On the 2nd pic you see my mailchimp campaign for these subscribers. Open rate is low. Click rate below ground. But this will be optimized by me in the future. Need to make my first sales to check if this investment was good and the people are quality buyers. You will get my opinion on this in the future.

I heard there are some nice techniques to get opt-ins from facebook for even less than $0.5. The guy talked about 7-10 cents per opt-in. I got his pdf and the videos and will definitely try what he was doing, because 7 cent per opt-in is d*** sweet. That is it for today guys. I burned a lot of money, but I am in it to win it on the long run. Ask me questions or even better, give me advice on how to improve my business. Bye for now.

Tutorials as requested:

links with descriptions for every single segment coming soon...
  • Research a niche
  • Search for a good product
  • Contact the product authors asking for a free sample
  • Create a lead magnet
  • (Create a book cover for the lead magnet) <-if ebook
  • Create an own valuable product to sell
  • (Create a book cover for the own product) <-if ebook
  • Create an autoresponder List
  • Create at least 5 autoresponder messages (sent out every week)
  • Create a Payment link with your favorite payment vendor
  • Create Landing Page 1 version A for the lead magnet
  • Create Landing Page 1 version B for the lead magnet
  • Create Landing Page 1 version C for the lead magnet
  • Create Landing Page 2 version A for OTO 1
  • Create Landing Page 2 version B for OTO 1
  • Create Landing Page 2 version C for OTO 1
  • Create Landing Page 3 version A for OTO 2
  • Create Landing Page 3 version B for OTO 2
  • Create Landing Page 3 version C for OTO 2
  • Create Download Page for the Lead Magnet
  • Create Payment Page for OTO 1
  • Create Payment Page for OTO 2
  • Test all sites for function
  • Create a campaign in your tracking software including all the created pages
  • Create Banners
  • Create Text Campaigns for PPC
  • Buy traffic for your campaign
  • Wait for the first 1000 clicks and evaluate them
  • Optimize your campaign
  • Cut the rotation and pump 100% of the traffic onto the best converting path (e.g. LP1->Oto1vB->Oto2vC)
  • Profit


Internet Traffic Formula by Vick Strizheus
I lurked through the whole course and it was one of the best trainings I've ever watched. This guy knows what he is doing and in every module you get really helpful hints. I made notes to every single video and step by step I followed the steps.

Affiliate Income Secrets by MikefromMaine
Very good guide for beginners about how to build a whole sales funnel. It was a good addition to ITF, because you get every detail about your landing page building progress in single video modules.

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