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Create A Facebook P age That Runs On AutoPilot!
Okay, before I start writing this, I want you to know that this isn't just a typical automated page that you have to pour money into to get it going. I discovered a method that I'm sharing here exclusively on GBH that it's literally set and forget and you'll get views and interactions without doing ANYTHING. Pretty cool, right?

Well, it does come at a small cost. $7.

The method is basically this:

We're going to use IFTTT to automate a facebook page, however there's a twist to this.

Instead of using Reddit to autopost stuff on this page, we're actually going to use RSS feeds and Feedly to autopost HIGH QUALITY articles and content in that niche on our facebook page automatically. We're going to include hashtags at the end of each post as well to help the social outreach.

I've made several pages about 2 weeks ago and many of them are taking off and I'm just now starting to monetize them.

For example, here's a Tech Page I made that's doing really good as far as views and engagement and as you can see it's autoposting great content for me:
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Let's dig in:


Before we begin, you can choose to either do this the free way, but I highly recommend the $7 way with Feedly as you'll have the best results.

go to either mail.com or gmx.com and create a email based around the niche of the page you want to create. We'll use my tech page as an example so I created something along the lines of [email protected]/[email protected], etc.

This email will be simply used to sign up to IFTTT with as I don't like Zapier because you're limited to how many zaps(automations) can run unless you pay them. Yeah with IFTTT you have to keep creating accounts but hey, it's free.


Now we want to sign up with an account for feedly and upgrade to the $7 plan. Now we want to look for feeds in our niche and field. For me, it was tech and what's amazing about Feedly is it shows you all the HIGH END blogs that have 100K+ readers vs. searching for them on Google

Simply just add these into your feedly with the button on the side and boom!
You're all ready to go.

Now we need to go and create our graphics. Don't worry about being a photoshop master, I've discovered a simply amazing tool for this:


Canva let's us create graphics that look amazing all online using templates. It's really easy to use and shouldn't take you more than a minute or so to figure out.

We need to create a Banner for our facebook page and a thumbnail graphic.

Use the Facebook banner template and then the social media template for the thumbnail. Just use any template you see fit and give your page a name that fits the niche.

Since I did a tech page, I just called it Hydra Tech as you can see in the facebook page and used their premade templates and graphics.

Once that's done simply save them as JPEG. Bam!

Now we need to create our facebook page. You want to Create a BRAND OR PRODUCT and set the category as necessary. simply create the page, upload the graphic and now your page is ready to be automated.

5) Create an IFTTT account with the email you made in step 1 and create a recipe:

If Feedly Than Facebook Page

Connect your feedly account and select your niche for the facebook page that's full of feeds and then your facebook page. Done! One recipe automates ALL of this.

If you edit your reciple You'll see to fill in spots:



this should look like this:

[Image: 2cr3tjq.jpg]

Obviously, you'd fill in the hashtags with whatever your niche uses most. And that's it! All done!

Hope this helps guys, best of luck!
let me see the stuff
let me see the stuff
let me see the stuff
let me see the stuff
This method is really amazing, interested to know the method

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