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Compelled to thank you VIPers - For the newbies
I haven't been a member here for long, but the value I got out of the download section has been absolutely monumental to me. I'm in a transition from creating websites full time in the hopes of Google Gods loving them to a guy who is doing CPV marketing and building tiny landing pages that are absolutely banking.

Thanks to the CPA courses I've found here, I've gotten insider tips and knowledge that would have taken me many years to figure out on my own.

I just had my first $1,000 profit sales day in over 3 years (Google Penguin and Panda slapped me around pretty hard).

Guys, all I can suggest to you is to find a marketing method that you find intriguing and FOCUS on that. The download section can be overwhelming and there's just no way you can consume it all.

Step away for a minute and do some soul searching and really drill down in your head what you want to do in your Internet career.

Do you want to be a blogger/vlogger? Download YouTube courses. Download blackhat/whitehat ranking courses.

Do you want to be a dropshipper? There's a bad ass China course that will give you a huge leg up.

Do you want to be an affiliate marketing guy? CPA? CPV? You know where I'm going.

Try to focus in on what YOU WANT TO DO and simply download that stuff first.

Here's the ultimate secret.... don't fill up your hard drive and not consume the materials. Look it over, do what they show you, give everything a serious effort and you too will succeed.

THANK YOU TO THIS VIP FORUM. This has flipped me into a serious earner in just a week.

Of course, I have the luxury of working from home full time already. I've spent these past days watching training for 8+ hours a day and implementing what I've learned into my strategies.

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