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[Closed]Money Making Skype Group. No BS
Hey everyone,
I have been going through most of the threads and what I have seen :

1. BSOs threads being deleted without any proofs of actual sales.
2. GB that were never as advertised.
3. Even worse GBs made by OP to Recoup the losses. ( and they call it sharing. )
4. Unrealistic money making methods with glitches. Just for rep-wh0r1ng.

And the list goes on and on for scams people pull.

Now I am not here to judge anyone. But instead I am here to share the knowledge I acquired from GBH and other forums over the past.

So here is what I am looking to do.

I am going to make2 Real Money Making Skype groups.

1. Newbie Skype Group : This is where every new member will land. After the member has proved his worth, he or she will be shifted to a permanently closed skype group with limited members.

2.Pro Skype Group : All the members who prove their worth will be shifted to this group. I will be providing with free stuff (coupons/scripts/methods) to start your own network for making $.

The idea of 2 groups is to keep the leechers and "I dont want to move my lazy ass" types away.


Question : How do I prove my worth ?

Answer : Simply by willing to give the group something of real value. Your contribution will get you to the Pro group.

Question : Why should I contribute ?

Answer : Coz everyone on the Pro group is ready to share something exclusive with you. So contribute what you can.

Leave your Skype in thread below and I will add you up.

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