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Best Ways To Use A Verified List On GSA SER!
The easiest way is to import an Verified Site List in the .sl Format directly to your project.
Right Click on your project->Import Target URLs-> From File->select your filethats the easy and fast way. Its a good way, but not the best.
With a verified list in .txt as it writes the program in the verified folder, makes you moreflexible. You can take this verified folder from an seller or another user. You've got your SER only explain where it must pick up the file.

1 You must go to Options->Advanced in the Identifed Row And select you folder with your new identified list. You see it on the picture marked with I .
2 You must untick the box from the identified Folder, otherwise your set list is overwritten. On the picture marked with II .
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3 Now edit your project go to Options and set your "Use URLs from Global Site List...." to this options.
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Now run your project only with the new Site List, and you can always switch between folders. If you have any question feel free to ask, and sorry for my english, its not my natural language.

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